Issue with R/R on Transalp PD10 (1997 Transalp 600)

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  1. Adrian B

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    Aug 12, 2013

    A bit of details/history first:

    For some reason, a while back the regulator/rectifier on the Transalp was not working properly. It was overheating and the bike would not start sometimes (as the voltage monitor/ voltmeter in the dash showed 11.8V -12.2V)

    I decided to put the the R/R from my 1989 AfricaTwin (RD03).

    The pinout of the two Rectifiers differ, as in the one from the Africa Twinhas 5 pins and the one on Transalp has 4.

    I've been using the Africa Twin R/R for a while, and noticed that when I start the bike (with the choke on) it pumps out 16.9V-17.1V.

    When riding (let's say 3500 to 4500RPM) it also pumps 15.9V - 16.9V or even 17.1V

    It depleted the battery of acid, almost to half. I've refilled the battery with distilled water, but it seems that now it's almost dry (again).

    Obviously, a new battery is required, that i'm not even doubting.

    But I don't know what type of R/R to get .

    To be more exact, my question to you guys, is: what other Regulator/rectifier can I fit to the Transalp 600 (1997) (PD10) ? Besides the original one which is the same for PD6 and PD10.
  2. plumer1kt

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    Feb 11, 2015
    Where did you connect the fifth cable of the XRV R/R?
    That's the ground one that the R/R needs to regulate the voltage.
    The other cables are three (same color) from alternator-3phase and one +12v .
    Transalp R/R is grounded probably direct to the frame so does not need the fifth cable...
    Ground the fifth cable and check voltage readings....then replace your battery.