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    Jul 24, 2001
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    Having been off the bike for the last month, due to shop time and sick time has been a real bummer. Today I got called into the office and decided to take two wheels. The ride in and back felt great. In fact it felt so good being on the Tiger I thought what the hell.

    On my route to and from the office there is a undeveloped area where I have seen dirt bikes and 4 wheelers ride. I have never realy taken the Tiger in a heavy off road thrashing, but today I felt so comfortable on it, WHY NOT.

    The entrance to the dirt area is at a major intersection. I puled up to a red light in the left turn lane. When my arrow turned green I can only laugh at what the cage drivers thought as I whiped a hard U turn, jumped on the curb via the wheelchair crosswalk ramp and hit the dirt at 30mph with the rear tire screaming. :eyes

    I spent the next 45 minutes hitting burms, jumps and whoops. There were some dirt bikers and 4 wheelers there that could only stop and shake their heads. I stoped and talked to one group and as they admired the Tiger one said " Is that a street bike? Should you have it out here?" I smiled at him and said " Why Not?"

    This was one of the best times I've had to date on the Tiger. It truly loved playing in the dirt. I did feel slightly bad as I bottomed the rear sunpension, SEVERAL TIMES :evil and I do not think it truly enjoied the jumps :arg but I did:):

    Well I finaly decided it was time to return home via the same intersection I had so artfuly left 45 minutes earler. As I came flying down the trail to the road the traffic light must have senced my elation. As I arrived at the ramp the light was Red every direction but for me. Once again I would have liked to see the look on those cage drivers :eyes as my Tiger left the dirt accelerated across the intersection and down the road. Never Missing A Beat :dj

    We came, We Jumped, We Kicked Butt

    :thumb :cool3 :lift :super :beer :2beer :wave :jive :borg
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    Apr 27, 2002
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    Cool !

    I recently became aware of the joys of gravel myself and now I've decided to aquire a second set of wheels for my F650ST with knobbies, for easy gravel/asphalt swithing. The ME33 and ME1 (K comp) aren't very good off pavement :):