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It's been a minute...

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by Jsherman, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Jsherman

    Jsherman Adventurer

    Aug 28, 2012
    Day zero is in the books. From Florida to Suches, GA with three bikes on a trailer. We haven't ridden together in a while.. All busy as usual. But I got the new KTM 790 adventure r and I had an itch. Pulled it together and he we are.

    Objective: Smoky mountain 1,000

    Dinner this evening was beer and pizza from a gas station. It wasn't as bad as it sounds.. ok. Maybe it was.

    We are staying at Two Wheels of Suches. Nice campground with some small cabins for cheap. We chose the cabins because we wanted to pack light. The rest of the week is cabins and lodge type facilities. Tonight is simple.. Clean bed with some amenities.

    After we got back from our gas station dinner, the picnic table banter was full throttle. Most people would've walked away with their feelings hurt. It was a great evening... Beer was flowing. Cigars were smoking. And no one was safe... All topics of discussion were open.. can't and won't go into details.

    Anyways. I'll hit this up every evening as the day ends. We are riding for six days in a 1,000 mile loop.

    We've got five people riding. Four of us are good friends and we have an addition to the ride as the fifth that none of us really knows, introduced through the Smoky mountain Facebook page. Guess that's the greatness of what we do as Adventure motorcycling, anyone can join because of the shared love of the challenge, motorcycles, outdoors, and some brotherhood.

    3 BMW f800's
    1 KTM 990 adventure
    1 KTM 790 adventure r

    Should be a great week of riding. Time for some shut eye.

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