JC Motorsport Motorcycle Shipping REVIEW

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 30Bones, Jan 15, 2008.

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    Unsure if this is the right spot for this, feel free to move if need be.

    Bought a bike in Louisiana and had to get it up to Iowa. I have never shipped a bike, let alone buy one sight unseen. Not the time of year for a fly/ride and so I did some quick googleing. I find JC Motorsports

    I give them a quick call to verify that there are no hidden fees on the shipping, very helpful customer service. Set flat rates from Zone to Zone, I think $7,000 ins. with zero ded. and prices online are for bikes up to 550 pounds. Also read a review in one of the latest rags that was positive also. They said you even get to keep the cover, I was not so lucky :cry :lol3

    I bought the bike on 12-21-07 and it was picked up on 12-28 and was told to expect delivery around 1-16-08 give or take a couple days. Get a call last Friday comfirming delivery for 1-14-08 (yesterday). Get a call at 3:00 that it's on it's way to my door. :clap Same sub contractor that picked up my KLR a month earlier was back in my driveway with the Bandit. As the PO said it was mint and he was not lieing. Bike was in stellar shape and all for a smooth $563. Tough to beat that.

    I'd reccomend this company to anyone shipping a bike. You can upgrade to crates, VIP service, faster delivery times for added fees. I could not be happier.
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    +1 I used them twice from VT to WA and TX to WA and they arrive when they said they would. I would use them again.
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