Jimmy Lewis off-road riding school !!

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    Sep 5, 2002
    Howdy Campers,

    My name is Wayne Elston, and I live near Seattle WA. I had the chance to attend the press intro for the BMW R1150 GS Adventure ( and subsequently buy one ), and while there, met and learned from Jimmy Lewis and his wife Heather. I suggested that perhaps a 3 day riding school in the fall would be a great thing to offer, and they agreed. This class is structured for large adventure touring rigs ( ie: 1150GS, etc, and REQUIRES THAT TKC 80'S OR THE EQUIVALENT BE ON THE BIKE )

    Here is the format, briefly: Oct 19,20, 21 in the Nevada/CA desert

    Day 1 is dedicated to relearning the basics - brake, clutch and throttle control, along with balance skills. Learn to control the bike without using muscle, but rather by harnessing the bikes energy. Accommodations : Buffalo Bill's hotel/casino. Lunch/dinner provided.

    Day 2 learning GPS and Roadbook applications. Exercises on a dry lake bed, and surrounding areas, with potential for the chance to ride in the Dumont Sand Dunes, if the group is up to it. Then, following a route through the Nevada and California deserts to our nights accommodations at Tecopa Hot Springs.
    Lunch/dinner provided.

    Day 3 We pick and choose what to do and where to do it. The class is very loosely organized, in that WE control what we want to learn, and Jimmy and Heather both will assist us in our efforts to learn something of interest to us alone.
    Lunch provided.

    Cost : $900 for the 3 day class, includes 2 nights accommodations, and the meals listed.

    If any of you are interested, I need to hear from You ASAP, and will need a $300 deposit PDQ.

    E-mail replies off-list to wayne@ridewest.com, or call (206)527-5511, ext. 36.

    Thanks for the bandwidth, and I hope to meet some of you here!

    Wayne Elston
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    Jul 8, 2001
    Wayne! Hey man, glad you're aboard. Regarding the Jimmy Lewis school...lemme check the calendar and the frau this PM. It sounds like a great time - and a good way to work on weak or missing skills with the pro. It could be a great time.

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    Jul 6, 2001
    Gold Country
    looks who's talking about freaks :rofl