Julian KLR Tech Day Was Off The Hook....!

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  1. saintbubba

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    Aug 8, 2005
    San Diego , California...Rancho Penesquitos Sector
    I went to my first KLR Tech day today in Julian and thought I would give a quick report..

    1st off the weather was awesome...sunny..nice breeze and not to hot.
    Buddy's office (or shall I say cycle shack) was the envy of everyone I talked too, plenty of tools, refreshments and room to work on bikes...I didn't get an official count but there were at least 20 bikes there with people coming and
    going. The crowd that showed up were all real nice guys, we had 2 guys
    from Phoniex and one of them rode his KLR the whole way much kudo's to
    (Joe?) for sackin up and making the ride...saint bubba will pray for a miracle
    healing for his monkey butt..

    I saw a bunch of Harley guys ride by and
    oggle at our crowd...of course they probably never saw so many motorcycle guys in one place that weren't wearing leather chaps and
    sporting chain wallets...

    Mike from leftcoast KLR's was going around helping all of us newbies
    take apart our bikes and showed us how to do the infamous Doohicky upgrade. Meeting Mike turned out to be a real pleasure and was gracious with his time and knowledge..thanks bro..I have dubbed him Obi Wan KLR master of the doohicky and thank him on behalf of all of us for his KLR Jedi training..

    Mark came in from Arizona for the event and helped out with some odd problems like broken valve cover bolts and a engine guard that didn't want to come off by conventional means...

    We had a bunch of folks come in from the L.A area...Jeff was one of the guys who I met rode in 2 up on his KLR and was camping in the area
    and turned out to be a fellow Ham Radio operator..
    Tim rode in from Hesperia to do a doohicky and valve adjustment..hope you
    had a safe ride home..

    Anyway I just wanted to say thanks to the Left Coast KLR guys for sponsoring such a cool event and giving their time so we don't have to take our bikes for service to places we wouldn't trust with an etch a sketch...

    I will post some pics soon..

    See you next time

  2. Trey650

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    Jul 15, 2005
    Ramona, California
    I was wondering where all those KLR's were going. My son and I went to the desert so he could learn how to ride his first motorcycle, and we passed a bunch of KLR's along the way. Sounds like a good time.
  3. eaglemike

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    Jun 16, 2005
    san Diego

    Thanks for the good words. I was good to meet you, and all the other 1st timers We had a great time yesterday. It was the first time for more than half of the attendees. Maybe 30 or so, with all the coming and going. Mark Bakarich and I finally left about 7:15 p.m., so it was afairly long day.

    We haven't set a date for the next one, but I'll post when we do...

    all the best,