Withdrawn From Sale Kelty Upslope Tarp 50$

Discussion in 'Other' started by zonth, May 13, 2020.

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    Jun 30, 2014
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    This tarp is used frequently for hammocks campers but I used it as just a quick hiking shelter as all the cordage is attached to the tarp which makes it quick setup to get out of rain. In good to very good shape. No dirt stains etc. Includes stakes

    50$ Free shipping Paypal, “friends and family”

    B4BECC86-A4D6-4C37-AFAC-3FA313A115D9.jpeg 006EF6E0-42EA-473A-860B-5FD3F73CA1B2.jpeg 672D7DEF-ECD2-4D25-8EF6-8C8DB403D698.png 8BBF998A-0A12-4F6A-83A3-C61BED7AC723.png

    EDIT- after quick search these are getting hard to find. This was already my second one since i sold my first one and later regretted it so bought this one. think im keeping it this time
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