Kenai Peninsula smoke

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    Apr 18, 2009
    “Smoke on the water, fire in the sky...”.
    Deep Purple is coming to Salmonfest!
    No not really... but there is lots of smoke in the area from the Swan Lake wildfire.
    I’m wondering how bad it is down there and how riders are dealing with it, particularly out-of-state riders who had Kenai Peninsula in their plans.
    Did you skip it and go somewhere else instead? Or if you’ve ridden down on the Kenai in the past few days how was it?

    This afternoon I rode up to Turnagain Pass from Anchorage. I almost turned around at Potter Marsh when I saw all the lingering smoke, but went ahead anyway. It was perhaps bad for someone looking for the scenery but air quality wise (breathing and eyes) it turned out to be not too bad.

    Here’s looking across from Beluga Point

    There was some blue sky at the pass:

    Along with the smoke:

    And back near McHugh Creek looking across Turnagain arm there was a thicker layer of smoke lower down: