Kersting's World Of Motorcycles Museum, Winamac, Indiana

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    May 21, 2021
    Earlier today a friend of mine and I hopped on our bikes, mine a BMW R1200GS, his a Moto Guzzi Nevada Classic and headed south from Michigan into northern Indiana to check out one of the finest collections of motorcycles in the Midwest. The museum is located between the small towns of North Judson, and Winamac, Indiana. The museum is owned by the Kersting family and is housed right behind Kerstings Cycle Center, a Harley Davidson and Yamaha motorcycle shop. The shop/museum is located out in the countryside surrounded by corn fields. Jim Kersting started his dealership back in 1962. Jim passed away on September 12th of this year but his family continues to to own and operate the dealership and museum. If you're looking for a destination to ride to in northern Indiana, southern Michigan or eastern Illinois don't overlook Kersting's World Of Motorcycles Museum as well as their unique Harley Davidson/Yamaha motorcycle shop.

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    Kerstings Museum 1 .jpg

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    Jan 3, 2015
    I had no idea this place existed until three weeks ago when I rode by it while playing photo tag. The last minute of this 2 minute video shows some of the excellent machines in the museum. Well worth the $5 admission fee…
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    I've visited there per William Murphys suggestion in the Motorcycling Across Indiana book. Reading about "a dealership that turned into a museum" we figured they would have a few HDs from several years, but we were blown away when we walked in and saw all the varieties. That was a few years ago and we even met Jim himself. He told us that he still rides all of the bikes, and the drip pans underneath showed that these weren't mere museum pieces.

    Definitely worth checking out!
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