Kinney Point, Idaho

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    May 15, 2010
    Boise, Idaho
    It’s been a long hot, smoky summer here in southwest Idaho. Here’s just a quick trip before fall arrives:

    We camped at Brownlee Reservoir and then headed out the next morning.


    We left the pavement on Kleinschmidt grade and quickly gained altitude. The temps were perfect and the smoke seemed like eased
    Up just a bit. Once we got into the trees the scenery was amazing. We eased through the booming metropolis of Cuprun, population-9,


    and continued towards the fire look out at Horse Mountain. The dirt roads were in great shape and the changing colors of the trees made it feel like I was riding through a fall photograph.


    The view was hampered by the smoke, but it was still incredible. Not sure how it’s possible, but I had cell service way up there. How do I know, you ask? The phone rang in my helmet as I was connect to the Sena headset, I answered it only to learn that the extended warranty for my truck had expired. I disconnected my headset after that.

    We left the look out and rode up to Kinney Point.
    B682B76F-A122-49B2-8302-0F67F9A844C5.jpeg B682B76F-A122-49B2-8302-0F67F9A844C5.jpeg

    Lots of dirt roads to explore from there. Again, amazing views and the little Honda never skipped a beat. Even after dropping her on her side while trying to get off like a gymnast falling from a balance beam she started right up.

    From Kinney Point we went to the Sheep Rock trail entrance and hiked a bit.


    we followed our tracks back to Kleinschmidt grade and began the dissent. On the way down I was overwhelmed bye just how high we were. In fact, my fear of heights decided to visit me as I slowly made way down. There are plenty of narrow turns with breathtaking sheer drop offs. Pay attention on your way down. The pucker factor was real for me and I’m still trying to pry that Seat Concepts seat from my ass.

    This was a great ride and many thanks to my friend who mapped the entire route out. He managed to string these great roads together and I’m sure we’ll return next season. We were both on 250’s and this trip was a great example of how versatile these bikes are.