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    But a hell of a lot of wear/tear.

    The man says he wore it daily.
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    I do 25 to 30 000km a year on my F800GS and 690 Rally Replica. Most of this being daily commuting and conventional touring on the F8GS. Since I don't have a car license it means 3 season riding in all weather conditions. Mostly done seated on the saddle.

    Bought my first Gen 1 Adv suit in June 2010 from adventure-spec in UK.
    Used it daily for two years, then the outer fabric fluffed out, zip handles fell off and the trouser Gore-Locks started opening up while riding plus the trousers started leaking in the crotch. Klim warrantied the whole suit and I got a new one after a couple of months warranty procedure in 2012. Being a rough user I'm very satisfied with their warranty followup.

    After four years constant usage of the Gen 1 suit I'm now a bit more realistic on this suits wear & tear qualities. It's still by far the best suit I've ever owned and used, but I'm getting a bit more critical on the longeivity aspects. The first gen pants looked bomb-proof with their cheramic abrasion-resistant areas, but started crotch-leaking after a year and a half. Same with the new 2012 pants received on warranty, crotch leakage after a year and a half.

    The velcros on the non-leatt collar have started to unfunction due to wear.
    Same will happen eventually with the aggressive velcros on the two low front jackets pockets.

    The jacket will last forever abrasion and tear-wise under my usage.
    I'm disappointed that the pants leaks in the crotch after merely two summer seasons.

    Sooo I wanted to try some other Klim products and went for a pair of Dakar pants, Traverse pants and the Powerxross jacket last year.
    Then it suddenly dawned upon me that lighter is also good - and while it remains to see how waterproof the Traverse pants will be after this 2nd season I'm a bit more reluctant towards shelling out another boatload of dough for another adventure suit gen 2 to satisfy my riding habits.

    My initial reservations go more towards the fact that the Adventure suit is guaranteed to keep me dry, but the gen 1 pants failed that task after two seasons - twice. I'm disappointed, but don't expect miracles either.
    The Traverse pants are not nearly as tough abrasion- and safety wise, but ironically appear to hold up equally well or better for keeping the elements at bay.

    I just ordered a pair of Gen 1 Adv trousers in size 36 tall from adventure-spec to have another one to wear on. The 36 pants are a little short, and I use CTI knee braces at all times in addition to Dainese cross shorts with paddings, so the extra length and room is welcome.
    Sure hope the Gen 2 is improved in these areas.

    So will I get the Gen 2 suit when my Gen 1 2012 is worn out?

    After getting the Powerxross jacket I've discovered that the Traverse pants and that jacket is my mostly used apparel by far. In combination with the Revolt Pullover and the Stow Away rain jacket ( the Powerxross jacket has non-waterproof zippers - being a snowmobile oriented jacket ) this combo is getting my nod of approval for daily usage. Lighter materials, but more than adequate for daily usage.
    In combination with the Adv. suit and the latter less expensive solution I have the ideal choices available for different needs, riding styles and weather.

    But I expected the Adv. suit to last at least five to seven years before starting to leak. I cannot see any visible puncture or adverse wear of any kind on the adv gen 1 trousers, so I guess Gore-Tex waterproofness is not as bombproof as expected for a 30 000km a year no car licence rider.

    The adv jacket has its issues with the Gore-Lockout zippers, but I expect it to last for many years yet. I'm a bit unsure about the longeivity issues of the velcros and pant waterproofness though, and will most probably hesitate buying another adv suit the next time around since I have not met the expected 5 to seven year life expectancy waterproofwise yet from this apparel.
    Another reality is the obvious compromises made by having the jacket removeable collar. In cold weather the front leaks air and the collar-jacket closure is not optimal, forcing me to use the Revolt Pullover underneath to keep warm over mountain passes etc.

    I will most likely go for the Badlands or Overland next time around. For my user profile the Leatt brace is not of high priority due to my work schedule keeping me confined to the status of being a gravel-tourer - at best.

    We'll see - but in general I'm very satisfied with Klim apparel - and will stick to this manufacturer for a long time to come.