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Withdrawn From Sale Klim Hardanger Suit, Large, Tan $750 Shipped

Discussion in 'Gear: Stuff You Wear' started by Bulitt, May 15, 2021.

  1. Bulitt

    Bulitt Flori-duh Man

    Feb 9, 2007
    Somewhere on A1A
    I bought this suit in January directly from Klim. They were selling these at a big discount as “marketing samples” and I paid them $779 for it. I bought it to make a second run up to AK this summer but since the border is not opening any time soon, I am offering this up for sale. I have plenty of other gear for local rides.

    I have taken a couple of half hour rides in it in good weather (no rain) so for all practical purposes it is a new suit.

    Sizing: I am 6” and 180 lbs, and I wear 34 X 32 jeans and this suit fits me really good with plenty of room for clothes or a vest underneath. Legs are about an inch long standing which makes it the perfect length on the bike. Look at the Klim sizing chart for more info.

    This is the “version one” of the Hardanger which has the full zipper and step through entry exactly like a stich except more vents, better styling, etc. Extremely easy to get in and out of in seconds.

    This is a really great suit but I know I won’t use it enough so....take this off my hands.

    .....almost forgot: Suit is “beloved” and I am selling with “a heavy heart” :lol2

    $750 shipped, in continental US. PayPal only. I am in Jacksonville FL. 56C3DD3C-AEDD-416B-9238-7FF9C0B5EB3C.jpeg C8AE0CF5-BD9D-409F-B343-A2474E1A6828.jpeg 915445D4-14ED-44D8-88DE-D71DD91A948C.jpeg 1AC4ED8E-0201-4D6C-8BAA-D2276F31E058.jpeg 46F01E1C-0039-4689-8EB3-61D84847CCC2.jpeg 009CC0E8-472C-4F26-974C-4CAB28BEF787.jpeg AF7336EB-D422-4365-968B-360F1BCBF86C.jpeg 125857F9-D2C7-4729-84B3-119C3AE1CEAD.jpeg 261AB49A-B2F2-4895-99B9-AF85090742CD.jpeg 7AA95923-B6A3-4FE7-A4FD-6E9386827067.jpeg
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