KLR 650 Modifications

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by VascoMerlin, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. VascoMerlin

    VascoMerlin He'll Stab Your Cat

    Aug 15, 2006
    Indian Mills, New Jersey
    That is good to know. I just ordered my corbin flat from fred at arrowhead, and am drooling with anticipation. I was a little hesitant because i haven't sat on any of them, but its good to know that some else likes it,


    and to be clear, pictures of your bikes with the mods that you have been done would great. Let us all see your hard work!

    have a great night
  2. gunny_usmc

    gunny_usmc Semper Fi

    Aug 20, 2006
    Corning, NY
    I've got about 12000 on my KLR so far, 11000 with a corbin dished seat. gotta love that corbin on long rides. I need to do a bunch of stuff before my trip to moab next spring, but I have added the corbin, a set of driving lights, a 10" over wind screen, a tail trunk and rather than spend the outrageous money for an extended alum rear rack, I made one at work from 6061 3/16 alum. Very sturdy, you can use a ratchet strap to hold things down on that puppy ! Heres a couple pics.

  3. VascoMerlin

    VascoMerlin He'll Stab Your Cat

    Aug 15, 2006
    Indian Mills, New Jersey
    what made you choose a dished seat over a flat?
    Did you wan the lower ride height or did you find it more comfortable?
    Awesome rear rack though, do you have the dimensions? :clap
  4. Ironhead

    Ironhead But Itsa Dry Heat

    Jun 30, 2005
    The Acres, Ca.
    On my 06,

    So far I've addad Dual Star radiator and pump gaurds, skid plate, fork brace(made a big diff. on dirt roads), Sean Ken folding mirrors, Dynajet kit, snorkel removed, 4-3/4" holes in top of airbox (it helped roll-on power quite a bit), doohickey and spring, Acerbis pro-ralley hand gaurds (probably could find something with better hand protection for less $ )

    I put on a set of MEFO DOT knobbies, the rear seems to be pretty good, lots of bite in loose dirt, rocks and mud and is pretty good on pavement (noisy as hell).
    The front is a different story, it was absolutely squirly on the pavement and I was afraid to lay it into corners, it had no positive feel. I wound up putting the stock Dunlop back on.

    Center stand goes on today and proggresive fork springs next week.
  5. GB

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    Aug 16, 2002
    It decreases the pull, and also decreases the effort at the lever, which is great on trails, when I'm always feathering the clutch.. You never need to adjust clutch travel. I love it. I wouldn't want to go back to a cable clutch, and I think it was about $200, which is pretty cheap (compared to anything like that for the GS!)
  6. Desert Dave

    Desert Dave Enjoying the moment

    Aug 11, 2004
    Tracy, CA
    That's the best part of the KLR, it's SO easy to make it what you want. I wouldn't be happy with a stock KLR for the riding I do, but I knew this before I bought it. While some may look at the money spent and say that's to much to put into a KLR, I think I have a bike that's still a good price after the mods and has actually exceeded my expectations in many ways.

    My goal was to build a true 50/50 bike. I think I came close. While it's not the "perfect"adventure machine and isn't the best at anything, it amazes me that I can ride this thing comfortably forb 500 mi days and still explore competently in the dirt, sometimes really ugly off-road.

    Here's my list of mods to achieve this goal.

    Fork springs
    Cartridge emulators
    Fork Brace
    Works Performance "ultra" shock
    320 mm wave rotor
    Stainless Brake line
    HH brake pads
    IMS footpegs
    IMS shifter
    DS brake bracket
    Staintune exhaust
    Opened air box an carb mods
    T-vent mod
    Twin air filter
    Moose ATV High handlebars
    Very custom seat (homemade, works great)
    IMS plastic tank
    HT tank/radiator gaurds and forward pegs
    Big Cee headlight gaurd
    Subframe bolt upgrade
    Doohickey (of course)
    Moto-sport rack an soft bag panniers
    Big Cee liscense relocation (and jug bracket)
    Bentspokes dash
    Bentspokes fuse/ power distribution kit
    Main fuse relocation/ conversion to blade type fuse
    Manual fan relay switch
    Datel voltmeter
    Rear Brake master cylinder gaurd
    Acerbis ralley pro handgaurds
    Heated grips
    Front Fender bag an Tank bag
    Skid plate
    Low profile/magnetic oil drain plug
    Odyessy "super" battery conversion (the one you mount sideways)
    42 LED light/brake bar above standard brake light
    TKC 80s- the true 50/50 tires :D
    Heavy duty tubes
    GPS and RAM mount, with power wired to bike
    Rim locks- front and rear

    This isn't counting the stuff I've tried an taken off to be replaced with what I have currently. I'm sure I'm forgetting somthing, but I'll edit it in later.

    BTW- the bike still isn't "done"
  7. gunny_usmc

    gunny_usmc Semper Fi

    Aug 20, 2006
    Corning, NY
    I got the dished seat for 2 reasons, mainly I'm one of those that are elevationally challenged on a KLR, being only 5'8" And the comfort, I've put a lot of miles on it and I must say, it's all it claims to be as far as comfort goes. It would be even more comfortable with the highway peg/pump guard though. I went the route of lowering links, but didn't like how the bike felt, just seemed to handle funny, and yes I made the needed fork adjustments to match the links, didn't like it, so I put the corbin on and the lowering links off, which the links are for sale if anyone wants them.
  8. Lightnin

    Lightnin Pastafarian

    Feb 23, 2005
    Buena Vista, CO, Stockton, CA
    Hi cmack & Gang,

    Your bike looks great! I just scored an IMS tank from Fred. What magical potion did you use to polish yours? I'll list my mods in the near future when/as I remember them.

    Best, Steve
  9. Rustic

    Rustic Star Benchwarmer

    Oct 1, 2005
    Asheville, NC
    Well, here's my list. What I can remember for now, anyway. The KLR makes a great platform for so many applications. I've thoroughly enjoyed personalizing mine.

    Eagle Mfg. doo (Job #1)
    Magnetic drain plug
    Progressive fork springs
    ProTaper ATV high-bend bars (foam-filled for vibe reduction)
    ProGrip Gel grips
    SS braided front brake line
    DS rear brake master cylinder guard
    Raised license plate
    Radiator air-flow mod
    William Stewart cleated footpegs
    HT left-side switch kit
    DIY upgraded headlight wiring harness (14ga/dual relay)
    Silverstar headlight bulb
    LED brake light
    MEFO ME99 Explorer tires
    Acerbis "KTM" front fender
    Side luggage racks & soft bags
    Kawi tank bag
    Obligatory tool tube
    Airbox "L" mod
    Minor carb fuel-mix mods
    PCV installation mod
    Carb vent T-mod
    UNI air filter
    Hard-wired GPS with RAM mount
    AGM sealed battery

    IMHO, everything listed has been worth the expense/effort/head-scratchin' to me. Maybe not to anyone else.

    +1. :thumb More to come!
  10. gunny_usmc

    gunny_usmc Semper Fi

    Aug 20, 2006
    Corning, NY
    anyone know if the rad guards will fit over the IMS tank ....
  11. mrfix

    mrfix Adventurer

    Aug 22, 2006
    2005 KLR
    lite sub fram bolt upgrade
    H.T. norhtwest rack
    Givi E36 side cases
    Givi E45 top case with back rest and top rack.
    Kawi tall wind shield.
    Eagle doo and spring.
    Rectangular sport mirrors.
    Progressive fork springs with 2 1/4" spacers.
    Progressive 420 rear shock.
    Pro circuit 496 pipe.
    Finger adjustable idle./air mixture screw.
    .025" shim under needle.
    Metzler tourance tires.
    De-badged the whole bike.
    Seat lettering removed.
    Kawi tank bag.
  12. dolomoto

    dolomoto Destroyer of Motorcycles

    Jun 9, 2005
    Veneto, IT
    Shoot, I'd rather just ride it! Carry some spare glass fuses. Did the carb vent T mod for water crossings...went down 1 tooth on the front sprocket (love it!)...Avon Gripsters suit my riding best...can touch footpegs down while cornering (yeeha!) but still hit some light off road stuff. To hell with saddlebags! Just put a tail bag and good quality tankbag (Wolfman Enduro) and hit the road....

    Ahhh, but the other stuff: skid plate, LED tail light, chain oiler, blah, blah, blah is cool, really, really cool but maybe a little superfluous?

    I reckon my KLR is named "El Cheapo"!
  13. holycaveman

    holycaveman Long timer

    Sep 28, 2005
    There is nothing wrong with keeping it simple!:clap
  14. Lightnin

    Lightnin Pastafarian

    Feb 23, 2005
    Buena Vista, CO, Stockton, CA
    At one point I was gonna add up the cost of all the stuff I've put on the bike but gave it up as a bad idea! It pleases me, to Hell with the cost!

    Installed Stuff:

    Doohickey - If there's only one must do(o)
    De-Kalifornication - Yeah, it's one of those
    Carb vent T-mod
    Twinair filter
    14T CS sprocket
    "Safety" interlocks neutered
    ProTaper SE ATV High bars
    Anti-vibe grips (brand unk)
    Maier hand guards w/shields
    Mirror/choke relocater thingy
    Touratech GPS mount (yeah, Super-Bling, but nifty as hell)
    Garmin V hardwired
    Skid plate, Moose
    Ubiquitous Tool Toobie
    Fender bag - might stay, might not
    LoPro magnetic oil plug
    Footpegs, Moose
    Footpeg mounts, Rick Danger
    Brake pedal mount
    Rear brake master cyl guard
    Subframe bolt upgrade
    Moose shifter
    DS RadGuard
    Lic plate moved, sub-fender flung over the fence
    And probably more I don't recall (will update as lucidity allows)

    Stuff in boxes waiting to join the party:

    Progressive fork springs Larry R's
    Gold Valve Cartridge emulators
    K9 fork brace
    SS brake lines F&R
    Galfer brake pads F&R
    Sealed bearings F&R
    DS self locking NiftyNuts
    Fuse relocation/upgrade
    Powerlets (2)
    IMS 6.6 tank
    Complete set '05 tupperware (red, ebay score)
    Rimlocks F&R
    TKC-80s F&R w/4mm tubes
    Misc do-dads which escape memory (update as above)

    Goodies yet to order:

    Victorinox Stickies
    320mm disc super-brake
    Hydraulic clutch
    HT side racks
    HT alum cases
    Carrier Deck, brand undecided
    Eldon's rear spring
    Wolfman tankbag
    Misc . . .memory . . .update . . .Yada . . .

    Under consideration - Undecided:

    Seat - stocker is ~OK . . .Maybe Corbin, maybe Rich's
    Staintune - maybe when stocker fails or tweets too loudly
    Alternator upgrade

    The next major round of upgrades (forks & related) will happen sometime this winter, I'm in no hurry and enjoy the wrenchin' almost as much as the ridin'. Minor things (tires, rimlocks, &tc) will happen on an as needed basis.

    This is fun hearing about everbody's bikes & projects. There're some really nicely done rides out there, keep 'em comin'!

    Best, Steve
  15. VascoMerlin

    VascoMerlin He'll Stab Your Cat

    Aug 15, 2006
    Indian Mills, New Jersey
    has anyone done something to their bike that they just hated? Or put something on that did absolutely nothing to better the bike or interfeared with something else?

    Let this thread move to the do's and don't's of klr mods. What do they need to be more fun, and what should we absolutley stay away from?!
  16. DMZ

    DMZ Castor Bean Addict

    May 18, 2004
    NE Oregon
    I was told that removing the wind shield would reduce buffeting. It was easy to test that theory. Took it off and hit the highway.

    The stock wind screen is actually very effective. [​IMG]
  17. Paves

    Paves Beetrt/liver sausage

    Apr 10, 2006
    Mount Helena, Perth Hills
    Subframe bolts
    Magnetic drain plug
    Trailwing 302 tyres front and rear
    Doohickey (had a broken spring)
    Emgo toothed footpegs (cheap and nasty but do the job just fine)
    Highway pegs with netting zip tied across them so they provide some engine protection.
    Clutch switch overide (or whatever it's called)
    Home made frame to hold saddle bags off exhaust
    Barkbusters (a 'hand me down' and need to be better positioned)
    Homemade tool tube (but it was too big and heavy and fell off!)
    R clips in the axle nuts.

  18. 30Bones

    30Bones Long timer

    Oct 5, 2005
    Cedar Rapids, IA
    Progressive front springs and 15W oil seems to be the best mod I have done to the KLR. You really notice it. I can only imagine a bigger rotor.

    Acerbis gurads or your brand of choice. No more stocker flopping around in the wind.

    Renthal alum. bars seem to eliminate most vibes as well.

    Skid plate. Just cuz everyone else has em :wink:

    The rest are just bags and trying a different tire each time.

    cmack, can you use a tank bag still with that tank? I've never gotten a clear answer that I recall. I really want an IMS tank, but use a tank bag a lot. I have the std. kawi unit and a high dollar DS bag I'd hate to sell/loose money on.
  19. R_W

    R_W wannabe

    May 3, 2005
    How much taller does the IMS tank sit? at the fuel cap.

    I want the IMS tank and tank panniers, and I think the panniers I want will fit with the IMS if it is taller--they hit my knees when installed on the stock tank.
  20. gunny_usmc

    gunny_usmc Semper Fi

    Aug 20, 2006
    Corning, NY
    Yep, being a short sob I got the lowering links, hated how it rode after that, especially having to replace my tag twice from the back tire ripping it off. I had the corbin dished on at the same time, I'm happy and comfortable with the stock links an corbin. Tried riding without the tall windshield, not bad with my street helmet on, but wearing a mx helmet really sucks without the tall windscreen.