KLR 650 Modifications

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  1. nooner818

    nooner818 eX-nOOb

    Mar 7, 2006
    Forest Ranch, CA
    OK, here's the bike...

    And here's the mods...

    Custom Corbin Dished Seat - $299.00
    Suzuki DR650 Stock Peg (CMS) - $29.68
    Happy Trails PD Nerf Bars - $269.00
    Happy Trails SU Side Rack - $239.00
    Acerbis Rally Pro Hand Guards (Arrowhead) - $80.95
    Acerbis Rally Pro Spoilers (Arrowhead) - $22.95
    Muffler Guard (Dual Star) - $39.95
    Master Cylinder Guard (Dual Star) - $14.95
    D.H. Gibbs Skid Plate (Happy Trails) - $69.95
    Lowered Big Foot Side Stand (Dual Star) - $71.90
    Progrip 737 Grips (Arrowhead) - $7.95
    Headlight Stone Guard (Jay Collins - bentspoke) - $20.00
    Anti - Vibration Mirrors (Dual Star) - $67.90
    Cellular Antenna - $50.00
    Billet Mirror Mount (Dual Star) - $15.95
    4 Bolt Sub-Frame Upgrade (Arrowhead) - $5.00

    Rear Brake Bracket & Bushing (Arrowhead) - $42.95

    IMS Shifter (Arrowhead Motorsports) - $29.99
    Magnetic Drain Plug (Dual Star) - $14.95

    Sylvania Silverstar 9003 - $19.95
    12V Accessory Plug (TPI) - $14.00
    Charging Pigtail - N/A
    Nikko Horn (Arrowhead) - $22.95
    Rear LED Brake Light (Dual Star) - $84.95
    Headlight Modulator (Comagination) - $69.95
    Weatherproof ATO Fuse Kit (Totally Wired) - $22.00
    ATO Fan Fuse Kit (Totally Wired) - $11.00
    Headlight Wiring Harness (Totally Wired) - $45.00

    Wheels and Tires
    Tire Valve Caps / Core Remover (Dual Star) - $.99

    Wolfman Alfa Glove Bag (Derby Cycles) - $34.99
    Wolfman Explorer Tank Bag & Rain Cover (Wolfman) - $179.94
    Saddlebags Dry Bags #912 (Aerostich) - $167.00
    Tailbag (Kawasaki – Chico Motorsports) - $89.95
    2 Compression Stuff Sacks (Jandd Mountaineering) - $55.90
    Moose Fender Bag (Pitposse) - $24.95

    Lowrance IFinder Expedition C + (GPS Dude) - $329.15
    Ram Bar Mount RAM-B-149-LO3U (GPSCity) - $38.95
    Power Charger / Headphone Adapter (LEI) - $34.95

    License Plate Mod - $19.00
    Starter Safety Bypass - N/A
    Kickstand Running Safety Bypass - N/A
    Clutch Running Safety Bypass - N/A

    Carb. "T" Vent Line Mod (Arrowhead Sports) - $9.95
    No Toil Air Filter (Chico Motorsports) - $25.00
    Needle (#4 SS Washer? – .020") - $2.00

    Doohickey Kit (Arrowhead Sports) - $129.95

    Sunstar 14 Tooth Countershaft Sprocket (Arrowhead) - $29.95
    Eagle Prev. Torque Contershaft Locknut (Arrowhead) - $9.95

    8.8 Grade Foot Peg Mount Bolts - $2.00

    Rear Suspension
    Top Gun Shock Spring (Multisurface Motorcycling) - $65.00
    Shockwears Shock Protector (Arrowhead Motorsports) - $16.95
    Happy Trails 1" Lowering Links - $79.00

    Front Suspension
    Progressive 11-1151 Front Springs (Arrowhead) - $89.95
    Racetech Cartridge Emulators (Arrowhead) - $159.95

    Wheels and Tires
    Posse Air Valve Guards (Pitposse) - $2.99
    Front Tire: Continental TKC80 (Motorcycletires.com) - $72.41
    Rear Tire: Continental TKC80 (Motorcycletires.com) - $82.22
    Rim Lock 2.50 (Dual Star) - $37.90
    Rim Lock 1.60 (Arrowhead) - $6.55
    Monster Tubes (Dual Star) - $21.95
    Sealed Front Wheel Bearings (Arrowhead) - $9.95
    Sealed Rear Wheel Bearings (Arrowhead) - $18.95

    The Fun I've Had (Everywhere, USA) - PRICELESS!

    Would anyone with a calculator handy like to add that stuff up? No, maybe it's better if I dont know!

    The picture was taken as I left to go down to Hollister for the Corbin seat, so it's not in the photo.

    Jeez, I didn't even throw in all the riding gear.

  2. rick danger

    rick danger The further adventures of

    Dec 24, 2005
    Oneonta, NY
    That mod is totaly dependant on rider hieght. And maybe helmet type. I was getting hit right in the face with wind dumped off the shield. Cut it down and now have "clean" air,which is much quieter
  3. DMZ

    DMZ Castor Bean Addict

    May 18, 2004
    NE Oregon
    The way I tested for clean air was to feel the size of the undisturbed air bubble created by the fairing with my left hand while doing 60+mph. The bubble was quite a bit smaller w/o the windshield. I am 6'2" and normally sport a full face helmet. The stock airflow hits me right at the top of my helmet and slides on over.
  4. VascoMerlin

    VascoMerlin He'll Stab Your Cat

    Aug 15, 2006
    Indian Mills, New Jersey
    I just added it up in my head real quick... jk
    but you spent $ 3,530.17 on upgrades for your KLR

    I would have to suspect that so far you have taken the cake.
    Only there is no prize and this isn't even a contest... so ... tough shit haha

  5. nooner818

    nooner818 eX-nOOb

    Mar 7, 2006
    Forest Ranch, CA
    You just had to go and tell me! :eek1
  6. Lightnin

    Lightnin Pastafarian

    Feb 23, 2005
    Buena Vista, CO, Stockton, CA
    I can't recall any mod that I "hated", perhaps tires that disapointed and won't be bought again; perhaps a set or two of grips that weren't what I was looking for; perhaps there may be some farkle which hasn't revealed, as yet, if it was indeed a waste of time & money. We each have our preferences for tires, seats, grips, which are easily experimented with and changed if not up to personal standards. I have yet to find an accessory that was poorly engineered or of shoddy manufacture/material.

    I believe our suppliers have done their homework and are offering quality do-dads which may or may not enhance our riding experience depending upon our personal views. Some of us are running stockers, some of us have every acc'y in the known universe. The rest of us are somewhere between.

    It would seem that we are in agreement that if there is but one modification/upgrade that is of prime importance it would be the Doohickey Upgrade.
    #2? Jeeze, that opens a debate don't it? My vote would be for another known failure issue; the questionable quality of the subframe fasteners. They're easy to upgrade, why take a chance?
    #2.1 - Replace shift pedal before it fails
    #2.2 - Disable "safety" interlocks before they fail
    #3.0 - Premium air filter
    #3.1 - Premium brake pads
    #4.0 - Replace fork oil

    These few mods provide you with a reliable ride you can have confidence in to get you home safely. For me the next most important addition after the skid plate was the double-wide toothed foot pegs. When I hit the Rough, I stand, and when I stand I stand on my balls (we're talkin' feet here); much better control and feel than standing on your insteps. Double-wide pegs offer more support and grip than that rubber trash or single-wides. YMMV.

    Anything to avoid? Eldon doesn't like centerstands nor fork braces; lotsa guys swear by 'em. Everybody has something in mind to avoid and probably a valid reason for it. At my next chain/sprocket renewal I'm going back to a 15t CS sprocket (from a 14t) and drop the final gearing with a 47t rear. Reason; the larger radii of the larger sprockets are easier on the chain due to (hope the physics guys don't laugh too loud) decreased angular velocity.

    Your views?

    Best, Steve
  7. Right Turn Clyde

    Right Turn Clyde Pongo pygmaeus

    Sep 16, 2005
    Bridgerland by Green Canyon

    Yea, so much for the mantra that the KLR is inexpensive. :eek1 Cheap entry fee, but the farkle lure takes down many a budget. Is an outfitted $7k KLR better than a…F650, LC_, XR? I think that's the question: WHAT WILL YOU ULTIMATELY SPEND AND WHAT BIKE DO YOU GET FOR THE $$$$$ ? :deal
  8. R_W

    R_W wannabe

    May 3, 2005
    My wife did the math for me :thwak

    I have spent more on gear and farkles than the KLR, and I bought it new:eek1
  9. rick danger

    rick danger The further adventures of

    Dec 24, 2005
    Oneonta, NY
    Thing is you can pick and choose the stuff you want to get to customise it for your individual use
  10. CA Stu

    CA Stu Peace and love

    Aug 27, 2004
    Riverside, CA
    Way over-thinking it. Take care of your chain and sprockets and don't worry about it. I run 15t most times, go to 14t for stuff I know will be tougher, like sand.
    2nd gear with a 14 tooth front puts my KLR right in the sweet spot for prolonged deep sand riding.

    I've got a load and a half of mods on my bike, I bought the first Big Gun pipe ever sold for the KLR, I had my Dad ship me a Laser ProDuro before they were available in the US.
    I have frittered away tons of time and money on my 2 KLRs.

    Dust the doohickey, richen up the carb a tad, replace rear subframe and front brake reservoir hardware. Those are what I would call important preventive mods, the rest is all personal preference.

    Here's my preference list:

    My 00 KLR 650
    Modded (cut) Airbox
    K&N filter w/ Filterskin
    Renthal 666 Desert Bend bars filled with urethane
    Vista Cruise Cruise control
    Enduro Engineering handguards w/ spoilers
    Pro Gel grips
    Countdown Roll Chart Holder
    K-9 Fork Brace
    55/100W HD Headlamp Bulb
    Happy Trails Highway pegs
    IMS gearshift lever
    IMS Pro Series footpegs
    RAM mounted eMap GPS
    12 v weatherproof cigarette lighter outlet
    Progressive Suspension Larry Roessler Series fork Springs
    Progressive Suspension 420 Series rear shock
    Moose Bash plate (custom ground for access to counterbalancer bolt)
    Eagle Machine balancer chain tensioner idler lever
    Galfer braided front brake line
    Galfer oversized front wave rotor
    Russell braided rear brake line
    Big Gun head pipe
    Laser ProDuro Exhaust can
    Wolfman Explorer Tankbag
    Kawasaki Tailbag
    Aerostich Tank Panniers
    DID Gold X-Ring 106 link chain
    Custom Nylock chain adjuster nuts
    "T" modded carb
    Dual Star self-locking axle nuts
    Moose fender bag (with MSR rain pants inside)
    Kawasaki exhaust luggage protector (broken now)
    Walmart Battery of Eternal Charge
    Big Cee Ultra Blue rear subframe kit
    14T Sunstar front sprocket
    Corbin flat seat

    CA Stu
  11. nooner818

    nooner818 eX-nOOb

    Mar 7, 2006
    Forest Ranch, CA
    For me, doing the mods on my motorcycle is just part of the hobby. I would have probably done the same thing no matter what motorcycle I bought, needed or not. I have always liked tinkering and trying to make something work better for me. It's not about the money, it's just something that I enjoy.

    It's the journey, not the destination.
  12. Zrexrob

    Zrexrob Back in the South...yep!

    Jan 19, 2006
    Sherrills Ford, NC
    I trimmed the stock screen about 1 1/2 inches and it is a whole lot better.
  13. cobalt60

    cobalt60 Been here awhile

    Apr 5, 2006
    Skid Plate
    Master Cylinder guard
    Fork Brace
    Side Luggage guards
    Rad guards
    Handlebar Bark Buster type guards, and new front brake lever from fall!!
    Magnetic drain plug
    Regular oil changes
    Regular Doohickey adjustment
    Mirror dampeners, not good! Consider other options!!!!
    Pro grip grips
  14. rusty43

    rusty43 cruzincariboucountry Supporter

    May 25, 2006
    Farmington, B.C.
    My 02 uses a bit of oil on the highway, want to make sure i'm not sending it thru the carb. Mods?....
    offroad pipe
    L-mod airbox
    air filter & (screen removed)
    progressive springs frt and rr
    420 shock rear
    stainless front brake line
    acerbis hand guards
    homemade shifter
    chopped off rear fender
    sidestand interlock bypassed
    D606 rear tire (absolutely disappears on the highway) need to replace soon
    with ???Mefo, Kenda 270, TKC 80, has anyone heard of or tried Maxxis?
  15. gunny_usmc

    gunny_usmc Semper Fi

    Aug 20, 2006
    Corning, NY
    I use the kenda 270's, great tire, but I only get about 3k and then it's toast.
  16. CA Stu

    CA Stu Peace and love

    Aug 27, 2004
    Riverside, CA
    They are a crap tire on road. Try a Dunlop D606.

    CA Stu
  17. 30Bones

    30Bones Long timer

    Oct 5, 2005
    Cedar Rapids, IA
    I call BS. I loved mine and got 6K or more out of it and it still had 3/8" of tread left. Still running a front 270 and now a Duro Median, and I personaly am not impressed. I can't justify tires over $50 a pop....Hey it's a KLR :lol3
  18. Rustic

    Rustic Star Benchwarmer

    Oct 1, 2005
    Asheville, NC
    I picked up the PCV idea over at KLR650.net. Here's a link to a thread on it. Since I don't do much 5000+RPM cruising I didn't have an oil-burning problem and, from what I've read, the PCV doesn't seem to have much effect there anyway. But... some have reported a noticeable reduction in oil usage at lower RPMs.

    A couple of my riding friends have run the Maxxis 6006. They weren't particularly impressed but said you could do worse. One went to a K270 afterwards, the other to a Cheng Shin 858.
  19. caffeine

    caffeine Been here awhile

    Jul 10, 2006
    Central, NJ
    anyone try spider grips on there bars with bark busters? did you have to trim the grips or are they the right size?
  20. greenfreak

    greenfreak user

    May 17, 2006
    rocky mtn high
    I'm trying to install an odyssey battery on my klr and am having difficulties findind a way to secure the battery in place. Dual star claims slight mods are required to make the install and am either dumb or stupid as I can not see how or what materials I should use to hold the battery in the air box compaertment. Any suggestions?

    Other KLR Mods
    supertrapp pipe w dynojet kit, and thumb scew adjustment
    skid plate
    heat grips
    rally pro guards
    IMS footpegs
    Happy Trails Panniers
    subframe upgrade kit
    master cylinder guard and rear brake bracket
    Scorpion AT tires. A little squirrely in the sand and mud but they'll get you through and still roll for around 10 grand

    Still am debating the seat issue and after reading this thread am thinking about getting the corbin flat seat.

    The way I see it my klr with after market still cost less than a F650 and has all the tools I need to ride internationally. Both on and off road...