KLR 650 Question, Help please

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    Mar 14, 2015
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    Just bought a new to me '15 with 7300 on the clock. Overall in good shape, some cosmetic nicks and scratches. Paid an okay amount, could've maybe gotten it for a little less, but around me, low mileage are hard to fine.

    Anyway, there is something I missed when I was checking it out. I neglected to go full lock left and right, mostly because it was pissing down rain when I test rode it. The issue is when it's full lock right, it catches a plastic tab like piece that's perpendicular to the fairing. I almost wonder if fairing or the brace behind the fairing is off-kilter. It doesn't seem to be when I eyeball it, but it's my first KLR (actually more for my son), but it absolutely has the fork catching this piece. The left side is not at the same angle and almost seems shorter. I'm attaching pictures, as best I could take, the tab is more or less in the middle of the pictures. Could someone give me some insight? Thanks in advance.
    8095603E-4F75-4212-B5DF-C5481AE631A5_1_105_c.jpeg 324CDF50-F544-43EB-8B36-8631E4733384_1_105_c.jpeg 465D2B60-EA5E-43F1-B272-E85569F96ECA_1_105_c.jpeg