KLR on the KVR june 2010 & more

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    2019 Update:

    Gentrification and general Decay:

    Turning around in disgust just before "Little Tunnel" above Naramata. The pavement you see stretches from this turn around point just north of the tunnel back south through the tunnel to another parking lot. There are signs about "you are being monitored" No vehicles, etc. along with the solid steel anti-vehicle barricades. North of this about 5 kilometers were very misleading signs saying Vehicles allowed, what the speed limit was and what the tunnel clearance was. Obviously the signs were older than the new reality and no one had bothered removing nor updating them. I meant turning around and exiting onto nearby back roads just before those bogus signs.

    At the pavement pictured above the spandex body suit crowd on their $5000 skinny tire bikes all turned around unable to handle the loose gravel we back tracked across.

    I had seen the start of this my last trip when the developers building the McMansions up the hill side had plowed under the KVR roadbed in places to make nice winding driveways to the new cul-de-sacs that money had bought. History plowed under and paved over for the Multi-Million dollar views.

    Much of the previously well kept KVR from Myra Canyon to that point had been left to decay. Rock fall, trees and large sections of big pot-holes and washed away top grade as money for upkeep evaporates apparently.

    The old Myra Canyon bypass that ran south of the park and built after the last big fire during trestle replacement, left to go back to nature. It was very rough and overgrown in places. Had I not had a GPS track from my last foray, Id likely have gotten lost. The bridge over Pooley Creek nearly impassable (definitely sketchy with one rail already missing and the deck twisted) and given a couple more years certainly so.


    Some sections like north of Tulameen still accessible for all, but then very few people wealthy or otherwise live nearby.


    The days of riding the KVR coming to a close quickly. Grab your Spandex, your Lara Bars, your wireless airpods and Iphone and start pedaling. Be sure to stop and Lick a leaf along the way.
    I still remember the store and gas station owner in Tulameen asking a group of us dual sport riders to sign a petition to keep that section open to all when a proposal was put forward to make it non-motorized. They commented that the bicycle crowd came to use the washroom and rarely spent a dime. This while we fueled and bought supplies.

    Take your tourist dollars and spend them somewhere that "our kind" are appreciated. Year by year they are paving paradise, to put up a bicycle path. Maybe I need a $6000.00 electric pedal bike?
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    Sad, thanks for the update. Only going to get worse once they say yes to the park here.
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    My wife and I rode the trail from Penticton to Kelowna a few years ago.
    It was great in spite of us being part of the "spandex crowd". I can't say it breaks my heart to
    see vehicle restrictions but I'm sure the guy from Naramata we met is choked his fun route to Kelowna is shortened.