KLR rear shock preload adjuster - gen1 vs. gen2

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by fastenova, Sep 14, 2020.

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    Jun 15, 2020
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    Hey there,

    Early this year, I upgraded the rear spring on my stock 2008 KLR650 rear shock to the 8.0 kg/mm spring and have been enjoying the improved ride. In preparation for a recent trip with extra weight, I attempted to increase the preload and had the common adjuster failure. After taking the whole assembly apart, cleaning, greasing, and re-peening the flange, it was working well on the bench. Reinstall on the bike, and attempting to adjust again with the bike on the center stand to reduce the load, and it failed. I tried one more time, with the same result. I think the stiffer spring is what's giving me problems as I was able to adjust preload without issue prior to the upgrade. Quite frustrating!

    I do not really want to spend the $500-700 for a nice aftermarket shock (Moab), I've not gotten much mileage out of the Top Gun spring yet, so I'm looking at cheaper options. Are the Gen1 preload adjusters compatible with the Gen2 shocks? I have read that they do not have the same failure point as the Gen2 adjusters. Wondering if I can just get my hands on this part to get my preload adjustment back... I think I found a low miles Gen1 shock locally for $100.

    Any input is welcome.