KLR650 Doohickey Tamer relay

Discussion in 'Tejas and the Gulf States' started by jwaller, Jan 23, 2019.

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    We've got a relay game going on in the KLR650 community. What we're planning to do is pass a KLR doohickey tool from one rider to another and have it pass through the lower 48, all Canadian provinces, and Alaska. There's no need to upgrade your doohickey to play so all are invited to join in. In addition to doohickey tools, there will be a logbook and instructions for changing the doohickey if you do want or need to use the tools while in your possession. Right now, the tools are in my possession, just waiting for the logbook and a couple other items and then we will kick it off.

    I'm looking for someone to pass the tool off to first. I'm in central Texas and want to pass the tool off to either Louisiana or New Mexico. Of course if someone else in east or west Texas wants to play, we can meet up, I'll pass it along to you, and you will be responsible to pass it along to the next KLRista along the way. The goal is to get it out of Texas and on its way either east or west to begin its trip throughout most of North America.

    For more info, follow this link: