KLX650 VS F650GS... Which to buy?

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by DidYouSeeThat, Mar 14, 2009.

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    Feb 28, 2009
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    KLX650 VS F650GS... Which to buy?
    I'm going to "already have purchased" by summer time. Hopefully.
    If I can ever stop waffling :lol3

    During the research to ask this question I saw this reply.

    What is your current bike?
    I have two - Honda Shadow 750 and KLX250S

    Are you upgrading for longer distance street use?
    I wanna trade the Shadow. I want to keep the KLX250S and I want me cruiser to be more dirt friendly.

    More dirt use?

    If both, what % each.
    80 street / 20 dirt

    How much would you like to spend?
    This is a tough question. I love $ and want to part with as little as possible with scarificing any machine. ;)

    What is your inseam?
    hmmm 33.5" mesured with tennis shoes on. 6' 1" and 225 pounds

    Can you buy BOTH?
    Nope. I am removing one from the stable.
    LOVE the KLX250S that one ius staying.
    The Cruiser is going, but I love to take for cruiser trips with a buddy.

    He has a Vulcan 900. Our idea of a trip is two nights away and we travel about 400ish miles round trip.

    Baja may be a long term goal.

    Wanna do more rides with a group (like you guys) but I still consider myself a noob in the speed catagory. I love to stop and look around as much as ride. I come by the handle "DidYouSeeThat?", we'll take pride in turning it around and taking another look. After All, when you get to the destination, the journey is over... So we are in NO RUSH to get there ;)

    That was quite the tangent... But it also proves the point.
    I'll stop now :clap

    Thanks :rofl
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    KLX650 is still more 50/50 Street / Dirt.

    BMW 650 'Dakar' is the bike you want. It is one of the best 80/20 Street/dirt bike out there.

    You can run it Bagged up and take it Anywhere in the WORLD :



    Take the Bags off and just have fun :


  3. Razta

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    Mar 10, 2009
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    I used to have a BMW F650 and now I have a Honda XR650L.
    Main difference is that i feel like crying when the BMW hits the dirt.
    BMW was great on road. I took it for several long day trips.
    Off road, there is no comparison to the Honda.
  4. midengineracer

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    Dec 17, 2008
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    Get the 650GS. Are you talking about the new twin (I got the impression you might be buying new) GS?
    20% dirt, buy the BMW especially since you are keeping the 250.
    I currently have the GS twin, augmented with an XL250 (I want to upgrade the 250 to a 400 but not too big of a hurry).
    Road manners of the BMW's are very good and you will probably get better mileage out of it (regardless of which one you buy).
    Since you like to stop often and get pictures, etc. the seat of the new twin probably will not bother you (I am good for 100 miles or more without a stop) and it has plenty of power and speed to outrun your buddy's cruiser so you won't be the bike slowing down the group (like my 250 does).
  5. RobTheRigger

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    I LOVE my 650/2 but if I had known they were coming back out with the thumper, I would have waited for that. So now you have a choice between the F650GS and the G650GS. Good luck!

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    Do you perhaps mean KLR650? The KLX650 hasn't been in production for almost 15 years now and is not very similar to a F650GS (its more like an XR650L competitor - small tank, off road oriented).