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    My name is Sean, I'm from the USA, and I intend to update this post as I learn more about my 41L and 44L Koboldbike.it panniers. Disclaimer: Koboldbike offered me a discount due to my being their first US Customer. That said, they put no constraints on what I write. I'm happy to answer questions as long as I can understand them (smile), and will try to keep my review posts short.

    First, I'll briefly cover the ordering process. The Koboldbike.it team is very responsive both via email and Facebook Messenger, so it was through those means I contacted them about making a purchase and also how they responded. They were pleasant, responsive, and happy to answer all my questions (and we have a language barrier). I own a 2018 R1200GS Rallye, and ordered my panniers in early January. They arrived - VERY well packaged - via DHL - (5) weeks later. That's fine with me since - remember! - Koboldbike makes their panniers _by hand_. The colors and options are chosen at time of purchase and I presume not many panniers are "on the shelf".

    First impressions: I'll include a few pictures, but the first adjectives that come to mind are strong, beautiful, and practical. I researched all the "known" brands of US-made panniers and don't like the "naked rack" look since I mostly ride with a topbox only. The Koboldbike method of using stock mounting points is ingenious, and the cost of the panniers + shipping from Italy to the US is less than the cost of panniers plus a rack from other manufacturers.

    So I picked the colors, the Koboldbike team built and then shipped from Italy to the US. I'll briefly note that their packing job (boxing, cushioning, etc.) was first rate. Despite the distance my panniers arrived in perfect condition.

    I've not ridden with the panniers yet - that'll happen soon - but first impressions are that they're very close to being a work of art. I intend to use them, to be clear, and they won't remain unscathed, but on the bike they're just gorgeous. I've also included some pictures of the panniers from several angles so you can see how well-made they are. I ordered a few accessories and extras, so you'll se those in the pictures also. It took me a few minutes to figure out the mounting / slide mechanism but once I did it's very easy and the panniers are super secure. All mechanisms are strong metal and the locks are sturdy. I have no worry about water or dust due to the rubber lips on the pannier lids, and am confident the 85L capacity is fine for my needs.

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