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    Hello Inmates,

    Hope everyone is doing well!

    With the arrival of the new KTM 390 Adventure, there is a great new option for a smaller displacement adventure bike. With new bikes like the 390 Adv, there are always new challenges with fitment on the bike for riders as well as engineers and manufacturers working to piece together new systems.

    Luckily, Hyperpro has been able to get the bike in shop over in the Netherlands. There, they were able to engineer a -30mm lowering spring kit (about 1 1/4 inches) to allow riders to enjoy their bike without standing on their tippy toes.
    If -30mm isn't adequate, we're proud to say that we can also outfit the 390 Adventures with two new shocks - Hyperpro 460 and Hyperpro 461 - that can be shortened all the way down to -50mm (a whole 2 inches!) that enable a huge swath of riders the ability to better enjoy their new ride!

    So, what's the difference between the 460 and 463?

    Hyperpro 460 Shock - $609
    • Emulsion shock
    • Adjustable rebound damping
    • Progressive rising rate springs in Purple (Black is $10 Extra)

    Hyperpro 463 Shock - $849
    • Piggyback Reservoir Shock
    • Fully adjustable
      • Low speed compression damping
      • High speed compression damping
      • Rebound damping
    • Progressive rising rate springs in Purple (Black is $10 Extra)

    There is quite the difference between the two: one is a standard emulsion shock whereas the other is a fully adjustable shock with a remote reservoir. The full adjustability allows riders to truly dial in their suspension to their needs as their environment changes, whereas the standard emulsion shock will be made to the specifications that would best fit a single use case.

    Touring riders have great success with the standard emulsion shocks, whilst our off roaders and track goers love their fully adjustable shocks.

    If you have any questions or concerns, you're more than welcome to contact us at the shop, message us on here, or even comment below! Thanks everyone.
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    What about a shorter side stand?
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    interested with this shock and the shorter side stand as well...
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    How much is the spring kit?