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For sale KTM 690 Enduro Full Adv Build (2009) - $7500 OBO - Co Springs

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by frozenBanana, May 20, 2020.

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  1. frozenBanana

    frozenBanana Adventurer Supporter

    Jan 18, 2016
    Colorado Springs, CO
    I would ride it around the world tomorrow, but I'm going switch to a 500 EXC.
    Recent full engine rebuild (got pics to prove it) with all the goodies you can think of.

    20200120_154631.jpg 20200120_154611.jpg P1010406.jpg


    Bottom end rebuild at 18k miles
    Top end rebuild at 21k miles
    Recently cleaned, reinstalled, and tested the wiring harness
    Brand new full clutch assembly (master, slave, and full clutch pack)


    3.5 gal Safari fuel tank (add this to the 3.2 gal OEM rear tank for 6.7 gal total fuel capacity)
    Fiberglass rally fairing with mount for electronics
    Slavens tuned suspension, tuned for a 190 lb rider plus luggage
    Oxford heated grips
    Seat concepts seat
    DID Dirtstar rims
    Rally Raid soft luggage rack
    Rear center rack from some cool guy in Europe
    Rally Raid steel tank mount bolts
    Rally Raid soft luggage rack
    Rally Raid manual cam chain tensioner
    Acerbis hand guards
    FMF Q4 pipe
    GIT bash plate
    Renthal Fatbars and risers
    Sub-mount for Scotts steering stabilizer
    Stainless steel preload adjustment collar
    Fuel filler cap mod (deletes the annoying cap lock)
    Hammerhead shifter
    Fuel socks in front and rear tanks
    CA Cycleworks fuel pump upgrade with profill prefilter mod on pump
    Rally Raid injector hex screw kit
    KTM rally pegs
    Drive train with lots of life (all of these were changed at the same time)
    *Primary Drive ORH Gold X-ring chain
    *Superprox stealth rear sprocket (45t)
    *OEM front sprocket
    *TMD factory edition 2 chain guide (replaceable element)
    *TKC80 Tires (front at 80%, rear at 60% life)
    *Ultra-thick tubes front and rear
    *Front and rear wheel bearings
    *New rear brake pads
    Vanasche Motorsports countershaft protector
    Zipty Racing chain tension adjuster
    Unifilter air filter kit
    Touratech folding mirrors
    Lithium battery
    LED rear light and signal upgrade
    Cleaned air filter
    Fresh oil and filters
    Valve clearance in spec
    Rebalanced wheels
    Readout of sensors and error codes OK (see Tune-ECU screenshot)
    Clean title

    Other mods

    * Fuel filter re-route: this allows for easy changing of the fuel filter. Otherwise you have to remove the fuel pump and numerous connections that aren’t fun to mess with.
    * Staked rocker arm bearing pins: prevents cam roller bearings from walking out of the rocker arms (known issue solved for early model 690s). This happened to me, hence the bottom end rebuild.

    I like people to give it a good test ride and learn about it before buying. I do all my own maintenance because I don’t trust anyone else. I’ve put a lot into this bike, and I would ride it around the world as is. Payment: cash is king.

    YOU GET FIRST PICK of discounted spare parts:
    Cam rocker arms
    CA Cycleworks fuel pump
    Oil filter set
    Fuel filter
    Air filter
    10 ad 15 Amp fuses
    Water pump rebuild kit
    Clutch master rebuild kit
    Gaskets for clutch slave and stator cover
    Fuel injector kit
    Spark plug and spark plug terminal
    Piston rings
    OEM plastics
    OEM air filter
    OEM exhaust
    Extra rear tire


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  2. Tomah

    Tomah In transit ... Supporter

    Oct 2, 2009
    Dry Side of Washington
    Awesome looking machine!

    Miles since rebuild?
    Pics of the inside of the tower?
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