KTM Gigolo - London to Mumbai

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    Amazing. Utterly amazing.
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    Thank you for taking us along for the ride Jason. It has been epic.

    As usual you raise the bar for what a RR can be. Your narrative and ability to make the reader "feel" your journey is second to none.

    If we ever meet, milk is on me :-)

    NB. The RR would be easier to read if you broke it up in more posts.

    PS. You should have left the extra set of tires at home - Tractionator GPS last forever.

    PPS. I'm flabbergasted that you haven't dragged the Bitch out behind the barn and taking her out of her misery long ago.
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    Just amazing on every level - thanks.
  4. Bademeister02

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    Can only join the chorus! Thank you for taking us with you. Amazing read, pictures and of course the tour itself!

    Two final questions:

    - How did you convince all these people to be ok with you taking these amazing portrait pictures of them? From your pictures and the story as a whole i conclude that you are a rather communicative guy so i guess talking was the key^^ But how did you approach them? I would always be afraid to give them a feeling of "rich western guy comes and wants to take a pic of my poverty". Thats why i mostly refrain from taking pictures like this when i am travelling (except local people ask if i could take a picture with them). Not criticizing, only curious how you are communicating this!
    - What happend to the bitch? Is she in recreation (aka "mechanic hospital") ever since and what is/was the diagnosis? Are you (overall) satisfied with her performance? I cant remember reading about major breakdowns in your report so was there no real breakdown or did you just not tell^^ Asking because i am generally very amazed with the reliability of my old 950 ADV during my travels and want to know how a younger KTM is holding up in comparison!

    Thanks in advance for your answers and thumbs up for your report!
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    Awesome job!! Cant say enough. Just amazing. :thumb
  6. Toe

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    Thank you so much for sharing this adventure! Your way of story telling was short and to the point but really kept me interested and made me laugh.

    Despite the mass of amazing picture this one was most eye opening for me. A 'simple enough' photo of a short road through a tiny village but you never see the sky, the mountains just completely overtake the background!