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    REVISION DATE: January 20, 2014

    This is a thread index for many of those great posts by La Familia, with some crap thrown in for balance. This is by no means definitive, so PLEASE reply to this thread with your favorites threads, or suggestions on removing threads, etc, and we may append, edit, delete, and so forth. I thought this would give those who redundantly point to this thread or that one an easier route. Please note that all External Links are marked with the following red note. External Links! AdvRider is not responsible for anything at these links; proceed at your own risk. As before, newest additions will be in Orange for a spell.

    NOTE: If you can't find a thread you are looking for, please post your request to this thread and we will try and help you find it. If there is no existing thread to join, then start a new thread in Thumpers to fill the void.

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    Also, please be aware that this is not a FAQS page. Although QA/QC edits are ongoing in an attempt to not lead anyone astray, people should use their best judgment and if in doubt ask questions! Of course you should ask your specific question in a different thread... the point of this thread was not to make questions unnecessary; the point is to help end the relentless search for "those" thread links. However, there are some "How-To's" that are very well respected and I think could be considered FAQS. Those highly regarded how-to-do-it threads are now in their own section at the beginning of this thread. If you disagree with an inclusion, submit your complaint to the committee.

    Oh yeah, and one other thing that might help us help you: Hi n00b, welcome to ADVrider. Got a question do ya?

    So here is Part Juan of the index:
    Links Useful to Everyone

    How-To’s :bow

    Meat's old Yahoo Briefcase file share now on Google Drive

    Crazybrit's Installing a fan on the 625 SXC

    Laramie’s BST-40 Bible

    Meat Popsicle’s How to service (some) LC4 forks

    Creeper's Looking at a used LC4?

    Neduro's Spring Bike Maintenance and Setup Guide

    Luke's Stators Demystified

    LaramieLC4 Engine Removal/Replacement

    loisu’s LC4 640 starter clutch fix

    Dirty Sanchez’s KTM 640 Adventure HID Upgrade w Centech

    Laramie LC4('s) Steering head bearing, a how-to-guide...

    Creeper's DIY Brake Service Guide

    LC4 Pilot’s Rebuilding the LC4 Mechanical Water Pump - a Guide

    Meat Popsicle’s Guide to changing your chain and sprockets on the LC4


    Creeper’s Servicing the LC4 Chassis Swingarm Thread

    Creeper's LC4 Sprocket Seal Replacement

    Creeper’s Re-sealing the KTM LC4 Rocker Cover
    and his note: when is a rocker cover leak not a rocker cover leak?

    Meat Popsicle’s Kick Starting the Beast :augie

    Creeper’s Valve Inspection
    Creeper's Finding TDC-C

    Neduro's Tire Changing Class

    CountPacMan's (hopefully) Definitive CDI Guide

    Creeper’s Oil Change

    markjenn’s LC4 Bearing Upgrade

    Tseta's Three times the fun! (LC4 HOWDID)

    Tseta's Routine maintenance (LC4 HOWDID)


    1. Engine, Transmission, and Drivetrain

    1.a Discussions

    Creeper's LC4 Setup Thread

    Creeper's old post on setup

    And some other threads on setup
    Gaspipe’s Setup (and mod discussions!)
    Neduro's KTM Setup Thread
    Accessing the Holy BST :bow :pope
    What to get (and do) first for my new LC4 - a discussion Including side airbox mod pics!
    desmonc's 05 LC4a thread tons of setup and mod pics (and discussion)
    Another mods discussion thread

    How do I properly Break-in the LC4? – think some loudmouth on the internet know better than your bike’s manufacturer? :wink:

    Emissions controls the world over... and threads that offer "deactivation" assistance.
    SAS removal outside the USofA thanks Sylvia!
    Derestricting a 2006 SMC
    Links to Dealing with the Evaporative Emissions "afterthoughts", and SAS
    EPC (Electronic Power Control) design and deactivation.

    An Oil Thread… :uhoh

    Idle RPMs
    Idle Hunting?

    640 Adv / CS Sprocket / Loctite ? (CS sprocket discussion)
    Good CS Sprocket maintenance discussion

    Why my bike don't go over 85mph anymore - a discussion

    Coolant Thread
    cool is a state of mind, not fashion

    1.b Repairs

    Clintnz's 95,000 service

    Gunnerbuck's 640s 127,000 service

    640 LC4 Adventure 'bleeding' oil on head gasket? – with repair ideas from Creeper

    Creeper's Chain Alignment Tool

    Creeper's Radiator Removal Tips (yep, he was bored again)

    Clutch Noise? With link to the KTM Tech Bulletin on:
    Tightening Procedure For Balancer Shaft Assembly Bolts On 2003 LC4 Engines (thanks dirtrider! :thumb)

    Got Milk?

    A little birdy’s chain adjustment thread :smooch

    1.c Mods and Upgrades

    LC4 Owners Poll: Premium coolant hoses

    Loaded’s Gearing Thread

    2. Carburetion, Exhaust and Other Highly Contested Subjects

    2.a Discussions

    External Link! General Carbureator Theory

    Which carb is best on LC4 640 – with a discussion of BST maintenance

    To Clip, or Not To Clip… That is the question

    BST Needle Help

    Creeper’s LC4 Exhaust Thread

    LC4 Exhaust Sound Testing Thread

    2.b Service and Repairs

    640 LC4 Sprocket Seal Question?

    Setting the BST's Carb Float Height
    KTM 640 Float Spring Replacement?

    Tool: Float Height Cage Holder


    MaxAir's guide to setting float height (w/tool)

    Float Height Importance in Carb Tuning

    Factory Pro's guide CV Carb Tuning
    And of course Mikuni’s Tuning Guide

    2.c Mods and Upgrades

    BST Mix Screw Threads
    BST 40 Idle Screw

    creeper got bored again... KTM LC4 Mikuni BST40 Venting
    Bernoulli's Law of Carb Venting – curiosity killed the cat
    and one more on carb venting

    3. Chassis (Bodywork) and Controls (Cockpit)

    3.a Discussions

    Converting a pre-03 Clutch to Hydraulic with a link to and the Secrets of Magura

    Handlebar Controls and Cable Routing
    Adjusting your throttle cable

    Ergonomics or Bar Height, Seat Height, and Peg Height?
    Stock 2003 LC4 ADV handlebar Bar name/rise?
    Aftermarket bars on 640A

    IMO Threads
    the solution to an overheading 640 adventure...
    KTM 640 adventure Tripmaster LCD (broken)
    Neutral Light Always on. '06 640 Adv

    3.b Service and Repairs

    KTM Adventure-Steering head bearing adjustment

    KTM 2003 LC4 clutch lock-out switch

    Broken centerstand blues…

    Hydro clutch issues

    3.c Mods and Upgrades

    Reviews of Renazco Racing Seats
    meat popsicle

    A Rad Review of Guts Racing Seats
    Review of Bill Mayer Saddles
    Review of Russell Seat

    A Discussion on Grips

    04 and later High Fender Conversion Thread (links therein)
    KTM 640 Adv '05 - High Front Fender !!!
    Low Guard/Brake-line Recall 04-05Adventures?
    640 High Guard Mod-04,05,06 they'll change it in 07!
    640 High Fender
    640 High Fender Mod (fork guard fix!)
    Trying to keep the 640 low fender...

    PASSMORE's pre-2003 Centerstand Upgrade Thread

    Bar Riser’s
    Risers... Pennytech, Touratech, Sommer, etc?
    "Quickie" KTM bar riser extensions

    Mirror Threads
    Mirror mirror on the wall...
    Installing Dual Star Mirrors on a 640

    Bark Busters (aka Handguards)
    Thread index, No Bark Busters?

    LC4 footpegs
    Scott Harden School & Lower LC4 E Pegs
    KTM Rally Peg dimensions???

    4. Electrical

    4.a Discussions

    Kick-starting LC4 with dead battery? – disconnect headlights!

    Repost of Flanny’s LC4 electrical output post

    How to wire into '03 LC4 640 accessory outlets? – and discussion of stock wiring issues

    EXTERNAL LINKS: Stock Wiring Upgrade?

    I need more power Mr. Scott!!!
    I need more lighting Mr. Scott!!!
    KTM 640 Adv illumination

    How to wire both headlights on together (thanks warewolf!)

    4.b Service and Repairs

    LC4 Starter help? - with JayBo1’s rewiring out the safety interlocks

    03 KTM 640 Adv -- Electrical Problem (check your ignition switch)

    Creeper’s LC4 electrical diagram breakouts

    Troubleshooting the Charging System (faultchecking)

    LC4 Starter - Repair or Replace?

    4.c Mods and Upgrades

    Loaded Wiring Handwarmers

    Long term opinion of Trail Tech, and electrical troubleshooting of them

    5. Suspension and Wheels and Brakes

    5.a Discussions

    Ever wonder about fork oil?

    Zerodog’s Ever wonder what is inside your 640 shock?

    Stock Behr rims (2004 - LC4s)

    A Tire Thread (more in Post #2)
    Rear tire for my 640?
    Creeper’s Inner Tube Thread

    Forks and Shock
    Fork Oil and Suspension Questions
    Heavier spring for 640 adventure?
    Stobie’s spring recommendations
    640 Suspension question (SAG)
    Sag numbers for 02 adventure
    What are stock spring rates in 01 ADV?
    640 Adv stiffer rear spring/forks
    640 Adv suspension settings
    640 Adv suspension settings; buckster double shot!
    Don’t be distracted by the float questions, they are talkin’ springs too
    LC4 Suspension: To revalve, or not to revalve?
    Sommer KTM’s recommendations
    spring diameter issue
    The Spring Quest
    Fork Maintainence, complete or routine?

    Front End Wag Question

    5.b Service and Repairs

    boyscout’s LC4 steering head and fork service notes – new class of thread: summaries?

    Servicing the Forks
    LC4 fork oil level?
    KTM LC4 Fork Oil Change
    Servicing the Fork Seals (thanks Surly! :D)
    cleaning fork seals

    Air in Front Brakes?

    Spokes – Love‘em or Hate’em; its up to you (more in Post #2 on spokes and brake squeal)
    Spoked Wheel Maintenance
    KTM 2002 Tech Bulletin on Spokes
    KTM recall on front wheels
    LC4 Enduro/SXC spoke recall

    5.c Mods and Upgrades

    Infinity Subtanks on a 640
    Fork subtanks... are they for you?

    6. Other

    6.a General Discussions

    Why Clean Your Bike

    The LC4 Skidplate Thread (and skidplates in general)

    KTM Adventure Threads
    KTM 640 Adventure (and LC4) owners, sign in please...
    Extinct KTM Shoot the Shite Threads
    I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours
    New "General Purpose KTM'ers thread"...
    General purpose KTM'ers "shoot the shit" thread
    TONS OF INFO LOST IN THESE THREADS – THEY NEED TO BE INDIVIDUALLY INDEXED. :deal (simply review the threads and add a post to them with a Table of Contents, linking to stuff in the threads, and I will link to your TOC)

    LC4 Enduro Threads clintnz's upgrade threads added
    KTM LC4 Enduro Model History
    640 Enduro Windscreen
    640 Enduro Radiator Guards
    KTM 640 Enduro

    Dukes? (It’s a beginning…)
    Got a new Duke, Pictures and Questions within.

    SXC?(Again, it’s a beginning…)
    KTM 625 sxc (general)
    KTM 625 SXC -- Anyone installed an extra oil cooler or reservoir ?
    DIY Add a Bleed Screw to your Banjo Bolt (for SXCs and other LC4s w/out oil in the frame)
    Question about KTM 640 ADV tank/fairing (on a SXC).
    Alternatively: Smaller gas tank for a 640 Adventure
    KTM 625 sxc 4 me?
    Bigger tank help needed KTM 625 SXC
    Milky coolant everywhere!!!
    Antifreeze in '01 Adv.
    SXC/LC4 BMW windscreen

    SMC Threads
    Anyone own a KTM 625 SMC?

    LC4 Owner's Manual and Engine Service Manual Links
    LC4 manual on CD - FREE

    Other external links to stuff

    6.b Services and Repairs

    Tools, Toolkits, and Related Widgets
    The Toolkit Thread - hilslamer
    What is in your KTM 640 tool kit?
    KTM 640 Adv - Tool box options
    KTM 640 Adventure, what spares to carry?
    toolkit pics
    '05 640 Adventure Tools Question
    spark plug socket

    Torque Wrench Thread

    Loctite Thread

    Toolbox Ideas
    LC4 toolbox
    Tool Box Idea for the KTM LC4
    KTM LC4 Toolbox Tabs FIX?

    6.c Other


    KTM 640 Adventure luggage options explained

    jimjib's Threads (pics gone?!? :arg)
    mounting pelican cases
    mounting larger pelican cases

    Other Threads
    clintnz's custom soft pannier braces
    another post on pelican cases
    Ricardo's thread on attaching pelican cases
    general 640 Adventure Luggage thread

    LC4 Pilot's Searches :thumb
    Zega Vs. Moto-Sport Aluminum cases
    Pelican setup for 99 640 Adv R
    general KTM Adventure Hard Luggage thread
    640 Adventure luggage?
    640 Adv and Happy Trails bags

    Soft Bagz
    Andy Strapz Bags - Quick Review
    soft panniers for KTM640 adventure
    general Soft Luggage thread
    KTM 640 factory racks (maybe not a soft bagz thread...)

    Tank Bagz – thanks ChrisC and Velocibiker and sherpa! :thumb
    general Tank bags thread
    The quest for the (cheaper alternative) KTM Adventure tank bag
    Wolfman Explorer Lite/Enduro Tankbags fitted on KTM 640 Adventure (sherpa showing how a review is DONE. :nod

    AdventurePipe’s Pelican Case Customized Luggage and Racks
    New Pelican-based Luggage System (LC4 covered?)


    Velocibiker's Pennytech Light Guards

    Composite Materials Tankguards
    Ok - Adv. Skid Plates $300 Usd - Flanny Manufacturing (NOTE: OLD THREAD!)
    140 $ Carbon Kevlar 640 Adventure TankGuards (NOTE: PLAN NEVER COMPLETED)
    ISO a CF/Kevlar artist

    Adventure 640 tank guards/trip pics (Hepco Beckers – questionable kit…

    More Tank Protection
    How to protect KTM LC4 Adv without tank bars?
    KTM Adventure crash protection
    640 Adventure tank bars

    LC4 Cock Protection

    Rallye Skidplate Boxes
    KTM 640 Rallye skid plate (Group effort) – died off; my fault
    Adventure R rally skid/storage plate

    More Skidplates
    Review: KTM LC4adv CF skidplate
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    A big thanks to ChrisC for being the sacrificial lamb to make way for a contiguous Part II to the Index. Here was his post:

    Now please join me in a warm round of applause for warewolf:
    who just finished reformatting this portion of the index. :clap As you can see, not only are the links embedded in the thread titles (easy on the eyes no?), but he has also taken the trouble to detail each thread title when there was a list of threads. I appreciate the help! :beer

    Part Deux: Useful to Some
    This post is now littered with threads that are likely useful to more than a few but not to all. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, then CLICK HERE for threads that are probably only useful to a few inmates.

    1. Engine, Transmission, and Drivetrain

    I’m Pickin’ up Good Vibrations
    She's givin' me excitation...

    Chain Lube

    Creeper wanted on the house phone – valve lash discussion with creeper

    LC4 Post Carb clean sub-frame hitch.

    Suggestions for a dragging LC4 clutch?

    Goddamn bearing help – main bearing upgrade issues

    What is the expected clutch life on an LC4?

    Countershaft sprocket fell off yesterday on my 640. – discussion of torque and the spring washer

    A noob question to make you guys roll on the floor and soil your shorts – problem shifting from neutral to first while stopped

    Worried about lack of Cush Drive... any advice? – good discussion

    03 640 Oil Level - note on error in the manual

    What Is The Best Procedure For Changing Coolant In Ktm 640 Adv?

    640 overflow problem

    ktm 640 cooling system !!!! - burp

    Anitifreeze boiling and venting out after service.

    640 Adv Coolant

    Radiator Repairs (JB Weld)

    640 hiccups More

    6th Gear for LC4?

    Second Fan on the LC4
    640 Adv DUAL radiator fans guide
    Mounting a right-side fan on a 640 Adventure
    640 Adventure Fan
    and WageSlave's Second Fan Installation
    I Did It!!
    AND sdmdm8's wiring the second fan discussion

    Spark Plug Threads
    What's your Spark Plug choice for the LC4?
    Brisk Spark Plug in 640

    02 640A Leakin' Oil - shift shaft seal leak

    lc4 overheating on the road

    2. Carburetion, Exhaust and Other Highly Contested Subjects

    Efficiency… Tank Range… OK, so how far can I go?
    LC4 Adv. normal fuel range...?

    Many Exhaust Threads
    Supertrapp IDS2 on '03 KTM Adventure
    REVIEW: Wings Superflow Ti Exhaust Pipe for KTM 640 Adv
    SXC Exhaust on 03 LC4 Adventurer
    WINGS Exhaust Install and Review
    Link to Creeper’s KTMTalk exhaust post
    A Crap o’ Vetch writeup
    Akrapovic full system report/write up
    European version of the LC4 silencer modification

    Help an idiot. 640 Adv carb question

    Creeper's post on what makes this carb different from that carb...

    BST Discussions
    640 Carb Parts And Bogging "UPDATE" !!!!!!!
    lc4 enduro bogging after jumps?
    Loaded's preamble to the BST idle mixture screw
    Arch's BST tuning post
    yet another LC4e hiccup thread
    Cult of the BST ONLY
    Yet more musings on the BST40 bog

    Throttle Stop on my Beloved BST?!? Not unless you are a new EU rider...
    BST 40 17mm throttle slide stop

    FCR Threads
    Installing a used 39mm FCR-MX on a ’03 640 Adventure - Creeper defects!
    Keihin MX FCR 39 on an 03 640 Adv?
    Fcr41... to mx or not to mx?
    more questions for the gurus re: FCR-41 carb on a 640
    FCR jetting
    FCR Install?
    una mas
    ZipTy FCR idle mixture screw in a BST
    vrago's Review of the Power Now Velocity Stack for the FCR carb
    ScaryFast Power Now Intake Baffle

    OMFG, a rational comparison of the BST to a FCR...

    3. Chassis (Bodywork) and Controls (Cockpit)

    KTM 640 Adv Steering head lock jammed

    LC4 Damper Threads ChrisC approved spelling! :smooch
    640 ADV Scotts under bar mount interest?
    steering damper ... which?
    Loaded's Scotts Damper Mounting for KTM
    New Scotts Damper Mounting for KTM
    Scott's dampers... street and dirt differences?
    lc4 - emig clamp on post for scotts steering damper install

    Replacement/Upgrade horn on the KTM LC4 Adv

    GPS Mounting Threads
    Adventure GPS mounting option...
    Sherpa’s Custom GPS Mount

    LC4 Windscreen Threads
    KTM Advenure Windscreen
    Mounted a F650 windshield to my 640 Adventure tonight
    KTM 640 Adv windshield mod idea

    LED Brake Light vs. OEM on '03 KTM 640 ADV

    Estimating fuel level on 640 Adv?

    Which Fancy Saddle to Replace this Board?
    KTM 640 Adventure Seat
    KTM Adventure seat
    KTM 950/640 comfort seats coming soon!
    Adventure R comfort seat?
    2nd Opinion on seat
    Replacement seat for KTM 640 AdventureR...

    badmunkie’s Idiot Light Catalogue
    640 Idiot Lights... Year by Year

    lc4 2 - up? – passenger?

    Creeper’s "I'm Bored" Thread or how to paint your LC4a
    So... I had nothing better to do, again.

    broken petcock

    4. Electrical

    Grip Heater wiring

    grip heaters - best ones for 640 adventure?

    640 LC4 headlight relay

    Electrical woes on KTM

    640 Adventure rear brake light switch – Luke’s on the clock

    640 adv - unused electrical connectors up front... – electrical info from Luke

    wiring harness organization – molex connector info from Luke

    Real Question 03 640 Adv – just more electrical info from Luke

    LC4 voltage problems – Luke again

    Electrical help 640 ADV – battery testing

    LC4 Rear hub with Excel Rim – battery testing???

    Neutral Light Always on. '06 640 Adv.

    KTM wiring loom connector blocks

    640 Adventure Electrical Reliability

    Earthscape's More Power Solution for the LC4 - TROUBLESHOOTING…

    $3 odometer mode switch

    HID and Other Lighting Threads
    Dual HID Lights
    lc4 hid light
    Trail Tech HID light has arrived...
    640 and more light
    640 Adv Cockpit Project

    Wiring Diagram for Running Both High and Low Beams Together
    http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1866069&postcount=9Diagram missing…
    640a High beam / low beam / combo beam?
    LC4 adventure High/Low beam running together mod

    Alternative Lifestyles (stock battery got ya down?)
    Is there a better battery for the LC4 640? And, if not, who has the best Yuasa price?
    Odyssey PC310 battery for a KTM 640 – NOT EASILY!

    Alternative to Tripmaster on Adventure

    5. Suspension and Wheels and Brakes

    rear sprocket bearing $89.00 !!!!

    Rim locks on Adv 640

    Penny-Tech valve stem pull-thru tool
    – creeper was bored again?

    LC4 Main Swingarm shaft/nut removal....

    Check out my stacks---Zerodog's fork mods

    Which way to adjust rear rebound 640 ADV

    640 Adventure fork springs – diameter and length

    640 ADV Forks – changing springs

    Fork oil strangeness


    Rear shock on LC4 / Adventure – maintenance indications?

    $77.49 for a forkseal? LC4 – Synergy Seals now available

    Neoprene fork gaiter?

    LC4 rear wheel bearings

    KTM LC4 625 SXC Brake Issue - bleeding

    So you wanna lower the LC4…

    Brakes Squealing?
    Brakes Squeaking New Bike - fix it Q?
    KTM Adv. hissing brakes
    LC4 Adventure question
    640 ADV - New To Me - Brake Noise
    adv 640 wheel squeal driving me mad
    Anyone Hear Loaded Squeal??? :evil
    Broken Spokes?

    More Tire Threads (woefully incomplete)
    Another tire thread - Best Front offroad tire for 640 Adventure?
    Tire question - TKC80's on a 640 Adv??
    Need new tires for 640 lc4

    ktmnate's Bead Breakin' Mambo!
    Yogoi's repost of desmofan's bead breakin' tool

    6. Other

    640 Adventure Tank Bag Review

    Which LC4 for me?(actually just Mack's post :wave)
    Which bike to buy...same ole question


    External LinksHigh-Performance Seating by Renazco Racing
    aka Renazco Racing Seats

    Woody’s Wheel Works KTM Wheel Thread
    KTM wheel and tubeless tire solutions

    Insight Cylinder Service Send your LC4 to Creeper.

    Loadedagain's Machine Shop (bar end weights, bar risers, BST mixture screws, etc.)
    BST 40 Idle Screw
    Send Loadedagain a PM :deal

    External Links Adventurer's Workshop (afetke)

    Woody’s 2005 prices for KTM Superlace wheels

    Other Forums and Sites with LC4 Info:

    External Link OZ Vintage KTM Website

    External Link KTM Talk’s LC4 forum

    External Link German KTM Adventure Forum(thanks Happe)
    KTM Adventure Forum
    Kays KTM, Enduro und Schrauberpage
    Carlos KTM Seite
    Thanks again Happe! :thumb

    External Links KTM Yahoo Groups
    (Duke specific)

    External Links Witzgall's Blog
    Equipment review
    Equipment review

    External Links Horizons Unlimited KTM forum
    WITH: Horizon's Unlimited LC4 Maintenance Thread
    FIXED - Thanks overlandr! :beer

    MonoManiacs Forum with the LC4

    Cugino Pegaso's LC4 Links!
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    Airhead More human than human

    Nov 22, 2004
    Fear and Loathing in Maine
    Excellent...thanks for all the hard work!


    Now if you could just explain to me why my gas cap cost alomost $70...:scratch
  4. Jamie

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    May 14, 2004
    Shelby, NC
    Awesome! This is sticky material.:thumbup
  5. meat popsicle

    meat popsicle Ignostic

    Feb 9, 2004
    Circumlocution Office of Little Dorrit
    And finally here is Part Three of the index:
    Links Useful to the Few

    WTF is going on with the index?!? :huh
    Requesting Feedback on the Thread Index's Reorganization

    1. Engine, Transmission, and Drivetrain

    Oil drain plug stripped. Any tips?

    LC-4 shimming the crankshaft

    HELP!! F**KED my LC4 cam

    It's a sad day in my garage... – WageSlave’s garage that is, repairing piston rings.

    Improved 640ADV c/s sprocket cover

    Which Cylinder Base Gasket?

    Motochondriacs Anonymous
    Hearing your valves going out of specs

    LC4E, BST40, jet4power – potatoho’s machinations

    2006 640 Adventure - Chain Guide/Fin

    Finding TDCC the Old Fashioned Way

    dirtrider’s Larger Displacement Yeah, he’s a big bore… :lol3
    Big Bore LC4, 660, 700?

    LC4 Rocker Arm Shimin' Discussion
    LC4 rocker arms

    lc4 clutch hub grooves

    Lateral play: LC4 Countershaft. How much is too much?

    Which Sprockets?
    LC4 Sprocket Choices
    LC4 Chain and Sprockets
    640ADV Sprockets and Chain Q
    640 Counter Sprocket Question

    Which Chain? And how Long?
    640 Chain Recommendations

    Third Oil Filter? :scratch
    Third Oil Filter on an LC4

    KTM Oil Cooler
    Oil cooler for KTMs

    Evans Coolant Thread
    Evans coolant dilemma
    03 LC4 640 Radiator overflow tube STINKS!
    LC4 coolant capacity/Draining?
    Evans coolant

    Upgrading the Lower Chain Guide (pp 117-118 thanks rjf!)

    03 640 adv fan switch

    Cycle Improvements tech tips

    EXTERNAL LINK: 4strokes.com tech tips

    2. Carburetion, Exhaust and Other Highly Contested Subjects

    LC4 Adv. normal fuel range...? – already indexed?

    Staintune slip-on for High Flow 640a - setup info

    Fuel Injection conversion!?!

    Rallye Tank Thread or just say Braaap! and Make your own

    Meat! SW Motech racks braaap!’s rear fuel tanks

    3. Chassis (Bodywork) and Controls (Cockpit)

    625 SXC new 18L tank/seat install

    2007 640A trip rating

    Aftermarket clutch perch for lc4 Adventure?

    KTM windshield for LC4's and Adv.

    Scotts damper relocation on an LC4E?

    Quick release (Dzus fitting) seat for KTM 640

    LC4 Starting Tricks?

    Anti-Fog Masks
    Anti-fog mask...

    Thumper Helmets
    Thumper Helmets?

    Body Armor
    Body Armor???

    and Scotty's Touratech Rallye Cockpit Conversion
    640 Adventure cockpit mods

    Tank Repair Threads
    Question on KTM's tank material
    Using P-Tex candles for bodywork repair?
    lc4 fuel tank empty sender
    A question for all of you connoisseurs of aesthetics...
    Plastic gas tank repair.....

    Anyone Wanna Remove Your Petcock??? :eek1
    640 adv petcock

    Installing XM Radio by sherpa

    RevLoc for LC4 is here!!!

    "Euro" H.L./Blink/Horn Switch

    4. Electrical

    HIDs on a 640 thread?? – additional info

    KTM 640a Voltmeter

    KTM LC4 - Aux. Lights – enduro model

    IndyTim’s new 640 Adventure – euro light conversion?

    My clock has vanished!!!

    LC4 stator upgrade?

    Buckster's Machinations
    (Batteries and Spark Plugs)
    640 Adv battery
    640 Adv Spark plug

    Trail Tech Vapor How To Install

    5. Suspension and Wheels and Brakes

    Servicing the Rear Shock WP 4861

    replacing rear wheel bearing.

    Help with dual star side stand – weld-on tab issues

    LC4 Hardened Wheel Bushings?

    Who makes the best 17 inch knobbies? – SM to dirt with 17” rims!

    Progressive rear spring on 640 Adv???

    LC4 Suspension options – Sommer KTM’s spring rate recommendations

    ATF as Fork Oil??? :dunno
    WP fork expert needed

    6. Other

    *The* Thumper Forum Bedliner thread (mergefest)...

    Ktm Color Formula Jade Orange And All Other Motorcycle Colors

    KTM 625 SXC vs 640 Adventure

    Best lift stand for a thumper?

    LC4 Longevity Contest (odometer says?)
    lc4 odometer. who has the most miles?
    The KTM LC4 Reliability research thread

    LC4 (640) Models and Model Year Differences
    Up-to-date: KTM 640 LC4 Adventure changes between model years – LukasM’s HitList
    Looking on info about LC4 Adventure year to year changes
    Considering a KTM 640 adventure
    KTM LC4 Enduro Model History
    What's the difference:2002,3,4 Ktm640 adv
    Model Changes for 2005 640 Adv
    KTM 620/640 E/GS Adventure History
    KTM Clarification??????????
    Ktm 640 03,04,05
    from another similar thread
    KTM 640 Rallye info ??

    LC4 Race Bikes
    Factory Baja LC4

    2002 and 2003 KTM Factory Brochures
    The '03 KTM LC4 factory brochure is available

    Acclimate or Die :thumb
    The Ultimate Adventure Accessory?

    Notorious Bikez and Riderz

    DirtyVFR’s Mothership
    The MotherShip

    Scotty's Orange Katoom
    Lots Of Orange and an Akrapovic exhaust

    Flyshop's 640 Adventure
    2003 Ktm 640 Adv.r

    Boyscout's Review
    Boyscout! Tell us more about the KTM

    External Links The Flanimals' Beast
    Flanny’s Site is Gone…

    External Link Jerome's Worldly 640 Home Page
    Fred's Biking Adventures

    External Link Yet another round the world LC4

    External Link Hiroyuki 640 webpage
    KTM diary
    (translation by Google)
    from: I am Japanese.

    Gunnerbuck's Picked up a 640 Project....

    Tseta's 2003 KTM 640 LC4 Adventure Rebuild (HOWDID)

    640 A @ 25,000 miles with the mods/improvements – WildHorseRider’s bike

    My personal 640 Adventure Odyssey, or my poor attempt of copying Pyndon – Odyssey’s rebuilding work

    OldDog’s 660 Rallye Rebuild

    Pez Gs’s 660 Rallye Rebuild

    KTM 660 Rally build (or is it Rallye, Ralleye :scratch) – Passmore’s rally(e)

    Trevor S 640 Adv Cockpit Project

    Its winter.....Time to upgrade the Desert Camel – Zerodog’s bike

    whups...(the rebirth of an LC4) – dorkpunch’s ride

    My 640 makeover - mike cramb's ride

    625sxc, A story of two tails. - FatBoyCrash's SXC upgrades

    Only LC4 pics - Adventure, Enduro or Supermoto

    Real Photos of a KTM 640a
    Real Photos of a KTM 640 Adventure

    NorCal LC4 Riders
    '06 KTM LC4 Tech Daze (WEST - NorCal)
    Tech Daze I?

    Puget Sound LC4 Riders
    LC4 Head count in Puget Sound

    One last thing: just in case you think your gear or bike isn’t up to the challenge -
    The original adventure riders (and bikes!)
    Guess what, its not the gear… :getiton
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