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Kyrgyzstan - China - Pakistan / Start 9th October 2015 / Seeking for Travellers

Discussion in 'Asia' started by ChristianVogel, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. ChristianVogel

    ChristianVogel n00b

    Oct 27, 2014
    Hi everybody!

    On my RTW-Trip 2015/2016 I want to drive the KKH from Kyrgyzstan - through China - to Pakistan.


    I will cross the border on the 9th October from Kirgistan to China - on the 12th October the border from China to Pakistan.

    The details:

    Another traveller resp. my travel-buddy had to cancel his trip through china - unfortunately. So, actually I am alone resp. one guy on one bike. Nearly everthing is organized already - the guide, hotel bookings etc.

    Is anybody interested in a little group to share the costs? I think three people would be enough.

    If yes, please send me private message here on ADV or an E-Mail to info@chvogel.de.

    That would be fine!

    Best greetings from Irkutsk (Russia),