Labrador and Newfoundland 2019: Something Left Behind

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    I've been mulling over writing this ride report for quite some time now. I guess the reason it has taken this long is because I am still processing everything that happened in 2019. You can see the ride report from markbvt here at this link on the forum.

    A bit of background about myself. I’m currently 31 years old and I have been riding for about 15 years. I owned a motorcycle before I owned my first car. Both of my grandparents rode and I was always drawn to the allure of two wheels. It was only natural that I took to the hobby—I guess one could say that it runs in my blood. I started out on an SV650 and moved onto a Street Triple after a few years. Shortly after that I purchased my first roadie Tiger. I then briefly went to the Italian dark side and purchased a Multistrada. After some issues with the Ducati I went back to the Tiger series of motorcycles and haven’t looked back since 2013. I grew up riding with a great group of friends. 300-400 mile days were not uncommon. Most of these rides were about speed and the thrill however. It took me years before I discovered the more touring oriented aspect of riding.

    My relatively recent fondness for adventure touring can be largely attributed to fellow ADVrider markbvt who I’ve known for years. He pounds miles on two wheels and has been everywhere you can imagine on the east coast and the eastern part of Canada. He is also one of the organizers of the annual Bennington Triumph Bash (add link). He has done the Trans-Labrador Highway several times but With all the paving going on he wanted to do it again before it was complete. The plan was to go up and over the TLH from Quebec, over to Newfoundland, and then to Nova Scotia to explore Cape Breton and take our time heading home. Sometimes plans do not work out remotely how you thought they would.

    A lot of people say that the TLH isn’t quite the adventure that it used to be but the sheer remoteness of the journey is what made me jump at the opportunity. Carrying everything you might need if something bad arises, needing to carry extra fuel, etc. The main thing that draws me to adventure riding is the opportunity to get out of my element and explore new places. I got more than I bargained for on this trip and it tested me in more ways than I ever thought possible.

    In 2019 we raversed the Trans-Labrador Highway, dodged Hurricane Dorian, and I had two very hard crashes on pavement along the way. While the trip may have not gone as planned there is something so perfect in all of the chaos. This is my first time compiling a trip report so please bare with me as I pull together notes and stuff from my riding journal. I learned a lot of lessons both on and off the bike that I'll be sharing in this report. Day 1 will be posted shortly after I get some pictures uploaded.
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