Laos: Vang Vieng to Na Hin route advice

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    Edit: Unfortunately in hindsight I cannot offer up advice either, Laos was nice but I was ready to sell the bike in Vientiane as opposed to driving South and backtracking to after two weeks I cut my trip short and jumped on a plane to Indo. Laos had its moments, but for a solo adventure it was lacking, I recommend people go who want to relax, see some good scenery, and enjoy time with a significant other, there were some beautiful spots, but for a moto adventure, Vietnam hands down won that contest.

    Hi, looking for advice getting from Vang Vieng to Na Hin. I hear Vientiane is a bore, but have no interest in plain of jars either. Due to my crappy Chinese bike I want to avoid the adventure route through Thatom, so either Vang Vieng to Na Hin via Vientiane, or Vang Vieng to Na Hin via Phonsavan-Vieng Thong. I am leaning on the later since it is the path less traveled, but might be able to save a day going through finding info is not the easiest for Laos. I also figure if neither route is really all that exciting I may prefer Vientiane due to accommodations and food options.


    Laos Pt 1
    Na Meo - Xam Neua - Muang Hiam - Nong Khiaw - Luang Prabang - Kuang Si Waterfall - Vang Vieng - Phonsavan - Vieng Thong - Na Hin

    Laos Pt 2
    Na Hin - Kong Lor Cave - Tha Lang - Thakhek - Savannakhet - Pakse - Tad Fane Waterfall - Wat Phou - Don Det