Laurier Wa Border crossing

Discussion in 'Canada' started by sdmotor, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. sdmotor

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    Jan 2, 2004
    Is there any place to stay near that crossing? I plan on doing a border to border through there and was hoping to get a room real close to there...Thanks
  2. Hippiessuck

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    Apr 27, 2004
    abbotsford bc canada
    Anyplace around there is okay.
    Try Christina Lake...
    I used to live in Grand forks and and the best time of my life riding the back roads up there.
    Great camping and lakefront hotels there (cheap too).
    When youre riding through Grand Forks, take an hour and do the Granby road loop... takes about an hour or less and is a great ride. Lots of awesome railroad lines abandoned years ago by the CPR. Thats the legendary Kettle Valley Railway... don't miss out on it.
    Also, Grand Forks is alright, but it's nicer near Christina lake. Quieter, more scenic. Lots of Petroglyphs and great dirt roads.
    just outside of Grand Forks is a fantastic abandned gold mining town called "phoenix mountain". Ask the locals and they will tell you all about it.
    ANother Absoloute must-ride are the switchback near Oosoyoos. Lots of great twisties... (follow the number 3 highway from Christina lake, If you want logging roads and fantastic scenery, Rossland is great, and the small city of "Trail" BC is home to a Great itailian restaurant called "the Collander". Big Italian feast. All the locals will know where it is.
    Castlegar, Arrow lakes and Nelson are all fantastic areas to ride. Nelson (although kinda crunchy Granola-ish with hippies), has some cool scenery.
    Don't forget to stop for a photo is youre in "Yak". Nancy Green summit east of Laurier on the number three is a hell of a HUGE climb but worth it as long as you don't hit snow. It gets pretty harsh up there late in the fall.

    Hope that helps

    Oh yeah.. don't pick any wild hemp growing wild in the mountains up there...
    the local Dukabhors are kinda touchy about that