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LBS-Sidecars USA | BMW GS + URAL Sidecar Package

Discussion in 'Hack Vendors' started by LBS-USA, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. LBS-USA

    LBS-USA Been here awhile Super Supporter

    Jun 21, 2020
    Seattle, WA
    Some preview photos of our new adventure sidecar offering that will be the basis for several builds year. I will append build reports and updates to spefici threads that I've already spawned in this Forum . . . .

    A Preview of Coming (Sidecar) Distractions

    "Spy photos" of our all-new LBS "GS+URAL" chassis. I already have three confirmed orders for these booked this year!

    As an adventure sidecarist and builder, I believe our GS+URAL is the best value in a "built to owner spec" adventure-touring sidecar available in the Americas today. This "combi" embodies my Guiding Principles in sidecar builds:

    (1) Capability

    (2) Reliability

    (3) Field Repairability

    (4) Simplicity

    (5) Value​

    But of course, I am biased. Time will tell. You be the judge.

    Heres' the short spec:

    Recommended "Tug": 2010 thru early 2013-1/2 BMW R1200GS Adventure "TwinCam" (per-Liquid Cooled, the last of the "oilheads"). A terrific mildly de-tuned HP2 twincam motor. Non-intrusive CANbus implementation. Reliable, fairly simple to service and repair. Affordable. Good new and used parts availability.

    Supplied "Tub": URAL sidecar body. All steel construction. World's best body-to-chassis shock isolation system. Locking trunk. Good seat with storage compartment in seat base. Quality/folding windscreen. Secure tonneau cover. Manufactured in a real factory, in volume, from tooling. Though somewhat sparse, a global network of dealers. Parts and accessories available.

    Supplied Chassis: all-new LBS design, created specifically for BMW GS adventure touring rigs. Subframe and rigging are bike-specific/purpose-built, not "universal". Wheel hub designed to accept BMW 17" Cross-Spoke or Cast wheel. Brake system interfaced to OEM ABS circuit with inline proportioning/biasing valve. Steel fender with fender rack.

    Trail-Reduction Options: (1)Our trail reducer lower fork brace with Ball Joint, (2) 17" OEM Cross-Spoke or Cast front wheel with "bigass" single disc rotor and Siamesed calipers, (3) full-on leading link kit.

    Lifted from the design elements of our STEPLER sidecar, note the massive roll bar:


    View of the basic chassis, rigging and subfame elements. Note the massive disc rotor, can be installed on either side of the front wheel (a 17" cast wheel on the prototype):


    I have a much-loved R1150GS Adventure/URAL rig stored at Ad's shop in Holland. It's become a handy mule, Ad lifted the body from it to slot into our new chassis:

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