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LBS-Sidecars USA | First Leading Link Forks for a Liquid-Cooled (BMW R1200/R1250-LC)

Discussion in 'Hack Vendors' started by LBS-USA, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. LBS-USA

    LBS-USA Been here awhile Super Supporter

    Jun 21, 2020
    Seattle, WA
    Presented for your consideration, the first LBS Leading Link Front Fork Kit for the current-generation Liquid-Cooled ('cause, in fact, they are not just "water" cooled <g>) GS Beemers. All critical stress points in double shear, calipers mounted above the rotors (recommended configuration so the disc rotor "pulls", not "pushes" the calipers and torque or reaction arms).

    Shown on the lift at LBS, Netherlands, once the first set has been installed, debugged and road tested, the components will be removed for powder-coating.

    First Liquid-Cooled kits will ship to me in several weeks, with kit #1 one going to our very own @DRTBYK!

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