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LBS-Sidecars USA | Shocks and Front Suspension Components

Discussion in 'Hack Vendors' started by LBS-USA, Dec 7, 2020.

  1. LBS-USA

    LBS-USA Been here awhile Super Supporter

    Jun 21, 2020
    Seattle, WA
    Even though the contents are not for me, it's a little bit like Christmas every time I receive a shipment from Ad Donkers, my affiliate and partner in the Netherlands. Today's unboxing:


    Awesome build quality, a set of German Wilbers 642 shocks for my friend, fellow GlobeRiders guide, sidecarist and ADV inmate @DRTBYK. Not only do they have compression and rebound damping, but if you look carefully at the upper threaded shock eye, that jam nut allows the actual length of the shock to be fine-tuned:


    @DRTBYK will be doing a self-install in his snazzy new shop, and he'll be hanging these suspenders on our leading link front suspension that he installed on his R1200GSA-LC rig last week:


    As @DRTBYK also has our custom 17" twin-disc Cross-Spoke front wheel (we also have a version with a single bigass rotor with a single-sided twin caliper carrier). To keep the odo and speedo reading correctly, LBS-NL machined a custom wheel speed tone ring:


    Finally, a pair of custom-machined upper fork cross brace spacers to pull the leading link downtubes flush against the bottom of the upper brace, and two custom brackets to re-position the ABS/wheelspeed sensor above the link, out of harm's way from rocks and roots:


    A set of significantly more affordable Italian BITUBO shocks were included in the shipment. These are our standard offering for a leading link kit. Here is a close-up of the adjuster:


    Last item, our 7051-T6, clear anodized trail-reducing lower fork cross brace, with a new, pre-installed BMW OEM ball joint. I'm installing one of these on a BMW R1200GSA TwinCam/URAL build in my shop, this one is on it's way to a fellow builder in Canada:


    If everything goes according to the original shipping ETA in our new abnormal, my first crate of URAL sidecar bodies should be delivered this week. I'll be posting updates to the build threads I've spawned here in the Vendor Forum, thanks for the bandwidth!
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