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LBS-Sidecars USA | Upgraded TRACTIVE "BigAss Rotor" Leading Link for TeleLever BMW GSes

Discussion in 'Hack Vendors' started by LBS-USA, Feb 13, 2021.

  1. LBS-USA

    LBS-USA Been here awhile Super Supporter

    Jun 21, 2020
    Seattle, WA
    Years of real-world testing have clearly shown the superior performance and reliability of Touratech shocks. Unfortunately, as Touratech targets larger displacement adventure bikes, they only offer the relatively sever duty monoshocks used by these bikes. For customers wanting "all Touratech" shocks on their sidecars, we have had to supply shocks from a different brand company.

    But of course, the Touratech shocks are designed and manufactured by Tractive, a Dutch company. My affiliate and partner, LBS-Zijspantechniek (LBS-Sidecar Technology) is a Dutch company. It took me, the American partner, to get these two talking to each other to come up with a Tractive "stereo" or "twinshock" offering for our leading link kits, so that I could offer clients a complete suspension package from one company, and fortunately, Tractive is one of the most respected shock manufacturer's in the world.

    I can now offer a Touratech/Tractive "family" suspension package (all shocks manufactured by Tractive, relabeled for Touratech). Here is our latest "Top Shelf" offering in a leading link:

    • LBS Leading Link Kit
    • Tractive piggyback reservoir shocks with threaded spring preload adjusters, rebound adjuster, hi-speed compression adjuster, low-speed compression adjuster, (PDS) Position-dependent Damping System to prevent bottoming
    • 4-position axle locating plates to adjust trail reduction
    • 17" BMW front wheel
    • Custom FRP front fender
    • Custom BigAss single disc rotor (may be installed on left or right side)
    • Custom disc rotor adapter
    • Custom wheel speed sensor and carrier
    • Siamese Twin Caliper carrier (uses original calipers for equivalent swept area)
    • Custom Goodridge brake lines and fittings
    • 100% metric materials and hardware