lc4 odometer. who has the most miles?

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  1. matty86suk

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    Mar 13, 2014
    Victoria BC
    1996 400 rxc
    8750 miles, 500 by me

    Rocker cover leak

    Poor Maintenance Repairs
    -new steering bearings
    -swing arm bearings
    -fork seals and bushings
    -valve adjust
  2. Anywhereness

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    Sep 6, 2009
    Somewhere, Anywhere.
    I just wanted to put in here that my 2001 640 Enduro has had little trouble. It's starting to show signs of age, with rubber disintegrating, but nothing major. At the time of this writing, the bike has about 45,000 miles on the odo. I bought it at 10,000 miles even. Maintenance has been done at regular intervals, using OEM KTM filters and only Motorex oil. The valves haven't budged a bit, only tried adjusting them once.

    Only for a few reasons has the bike stopped working. All were able to be fixed road side in some way or another.
    • The side stand switch broke at 12k miles. Tossed it and closed the loop.
    • The clutch cable snapped at 17k miles. I've since supported it so it doesn't wobble when pulled, no issues since.
    • The needle jet slipped a few notches on it's clip around 17k miles. Repositioned it and crimped the clip, and hasn't moved since.
    • The thermostat broke at 40k miles, failing "closed" blocking coolant flow, which caused the bike to overheat
    • The side stand / clutch / neutral starter relay wires have failed a few times at the connector by the battery. That entire circuit is getting removed soon.
  3. Scooter_Junkie_Girl

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    Apr 12, 2010
    Phoenix, AZ
    1999 Lc4 640, 14,500m (23,300km) and going strong! Replaced oil filter cap, the threads are cheesy, fork seals, and a few crush washers. That's it!!
  4. FSR Industries

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    Nov 10, 2016
    Hey legends. Was curious about this topic and came across this thread. Interesting read. My 04 KTM640ADV has 75,000km on it and still going strong. It’s had a new head gasket put in by the previous owner who “did the valves” too (or so I was told) and it’s - touch wood - been flawless since. I keep fresh oil and good fuel in it. It’s cheap insurance I guess. Only thing I need to get around to is replacing the sight glass on the flywheel side (right) as it’s cracked through and can weep a tiny, tiny bit. Otherwise, she’s still a bloody rocket ship! Love it!
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  5. gunnerbuck

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    Nov 19, 2005
    N.V.I, B.C.
    I think my bike is sitting around 235000 KM now after this riding season...

    Parts for these bikes are no longer being produced and as inventory dries up it will become harder to source certain items.. The good thing is that 99% of the bearings in these machines are common and available from bearing supply outfits.. I am assembling a pre 03 engine but converting it to a hi-flo top end, some of the small parts I need I will have to make, because there are non available through KTM.. One part in particular is the clutch engagement shaft retainer plate...

    We had an interesting long trip riding 3 LC4 Relics as to where some field fixes were required to save the trip :
  6. cornelis

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    Sep 11, 2012
    99 640E
    17,000 miles
    To make kind of a long story short at 11,000 miles I rode it 21 miles with no oil and the top end tightened up.With a sunken heart and a bad stomach ache pushed it home about a mile.
    I squirted some oil in the valve covers and some in the spark plug hole added oil to the motor kicked it through a few times and fired it up and it sounded and ran fine.I didn't have time to do much more about it as we were ready to leave for the Idaho BDR about 2000 miles.It ran great used about a half Quart oil I needed to do the bearing upgrade and than decided to do a total rebuild if I could source all the parts.Before I got all the parts and time together we rode the Washington BDR I put a total of about 5000 miles on the motor after the mild top end seize.Just did a total rebuild all bearings but the crank bearing shift forks and some new valves it runs great love the bike my 4th LC4 aprox 75,000 smiles
  7. LouCi4er

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    Aug 4, 2014
    2004 Prestige with 50.000klm,bike never gave me any trouble,only some minor issues.Regular maintenance and nothing more.I have replaced a few parts just in case(for precaution) but parts i removed from bike were like new(cam bearings,water pump bearings-seal etc).It consumes zero oil(i change the oil once a year at around 3000 klm) and it runs very strong.
  8. BrandonT

    BrandonT Adventurer

    Oct 21, 2013
    I’m looking to obtain one tomorrow with 23,000 miles on the clock...reading through this thread has me mostly hopeful for at least several to many more miles out of it. Fingers crossed when things do wear down parts aren’t too difficult to source.
  9. gunnerbuck

    gunnerbuck Island Hopper

    Nov 19, 2005
    N.V.I, B.C.
    Just passed the 1/4 million KM mark..
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