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    New to adventure bike riding, and want to learn how to download some of the ride routes that are posted, like the Southeast tracks posted. I do not know if I need to buy a Garmin or similar GPS stand-alone unit, or can one use an I-phone...or I-pad (for example). Is there a post on here somewhere with a "how to" type lesson on what I would need? Thanks!
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    This thread titled "Lost or Confused?" has some introductory info.

    There's more general discussion in the "Maping and navigation" sub-forum or the "GPS 101" subforum than there is in the regional subforums.

    To answer your other question, you can use a Garmin or similar or you can use your iPhone or you can buy a second phone (perhaps rugged phone) and use it for GPS even without a calling plan.

    Another idea is to look in the other regional forums to meet other ADV inmates to see what they use for GPS.