Leaving on the 16th for a ride from British Columbia to Ontario

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    Nov 22, 2016
    The ride from Saskatoon was considerably easier than the previous 2 days.
    I did hit a bit of rain but the wind had quit blowing and made the ride enjoyable.
    When I was stopped for gas and a coffee I had a father and a little guy of about 5 years old looking at the bike.
    I head the dad say....Don't touch the motorcycle son.....
    So I could not resist, I asked the dad if it was ok with him if the little guy sat on my bike.
    The dad lifted him up and placed him on the seat.
    The look on his face was priceless, so I turned the key and hit the starter.
    I held the little guys hand on the throttle and revved the bike up a bit.
    The smile on his face was truly priceless.
    The dad said that the would talk about this for some time, my response was, maybe I made a future motorcyclist.
    Nothing else special happened on this leg, I just watched the miles roll on bye in the rear view mirror.
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  2. RedDogAlberta

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    Nov 27, 2009
    Edmonton, Alberta
    Same thing happened to me one time in Utah. Then it was a grandpa and grand daughter.
  3. Kampfire

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    Mar 26, 2012
    Napa. California- U.S.A.
    Glad you're safe at home now.
    It's just a rotten feeling when you're sick out on the road traveling.

    Heal up, and then ride for another story.
  4. Lanis

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    Dec 5, 2017
    Saskatoon, Canada
    Old Grizz, glad to hear you're okay and safe at home. Next time you are through Saskatoon, I'd love to take you out to sample some of our Brew pubs.

    Till next time !!

  5. oldgrizz

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    Nov 22, 2016
    Day 4 Vegreville Alberta to Prince George and home. Distance 856 km.
    When I started out the day was fairly clear but cool, 9 degrees C
    That had me wishing I had purchased a heated jacket liner !!!
    However, I put on my rain jacket and pants to act as an extra wind break and it wasn't that badfore.
    As I approached Edmonton the skies got a little darker and right on time a few raindrops started falling.
    I stopped for gas before Hinton so I didn't need to stop there, I thought of pulling into Tim Hortons but decided to push on and
    cover some more miles (ooops kilometres).
    Once past Hinton the mountains came into view and I knew I was getting closer to home.
    Looking in the rear view at the flat prairie then looking forward to the mountains made me remember why don't want to move back to the prairies.
    I couldn't believe the amount of snow on the mountains in Jasper
    I hooked up with another rider who was heading to Quesnel and we rode together into McBride and stopped for fuel and a coffee
    The temp was a balmy 14 deg C which seemed typical for this trip.
    The rider I hooked up with had a fairly small fuel tank and he didn't expect to be able to make it all the way to Prince George without
    having to use the 10 litres of fuel he had strapped to the bike.
    To his surprise he made the full distance without having to stop.
    It was nice to have another rider along even though we had no communications while travelling.
    At the end of the 865 km I was happy to be home to let the leg heal, but I really enjoyed my days on the road.

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  6. oldgrizz

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    Nov 22, 2016
    Some observations about my trip, people, my bike, and my gear.
    Total distance covered 5260 km.
    It was unfortunate that the infection I developed in my left leg prevented me from exploring more of Ontario.
    However, it did allow me to spend more time with my cousin whom I had not seen for 62 years !!!
    I also met another fellow from my past and he asked if I remembered him.
    I told him his name rang a bell with me, he said it should, because I broke a plastic baseball bat over his head when we were playing together !!
    I had to buy him a beer after learning that fact.
    The people I met at the hospital who treated my leg were fantastic, always friendly and did everything they could to make me comfortable.
    I cant say enough good things about them.
    Everyone else I met through my cousin were terrific, they were all concerned about my leg problem.
    One fellow whom I only met a few times even offered to load my bike in his pickup and drive me back home !!!!!

    The trip itself was 4 days travelling each way.
    The weather was lousy for a majority of the time, in and out of thunderstorms and dealing with high winds.
    However, isn't that what makes travel by motorcycle an adventure?
    My bike, a 2012 Yamaha FJR that I purchased slightly used performed flawlessly.
    Due to the fact that my knee had swollen to twice its normal size for some reason I could not get my tow under the shift lever to upsift.
    For one day I used my heel for up-shifts but that didn't work particularity well.
    So, I went to a hardware store and purchased a piece of copper pipe and a roll of good old Gorilla Tape and made a modification.
    I have attached a picture. 20200817_124050.jpg This worked very well and allowed me to make proper shifts.
    One modification I had made in Sioux Lookout was to remove the Canyon Cage crash bars.
    I was constantly smacking my leg on it and it was getting painful with the infection in my leg.
    They were left behind at my cousins so there is a another reason to go back next year!!!

    I am really happy that the previous owner had added cruise control to the bike.
    It sure made going through the prairie provinces a lot easier. 20200817_124216.jpg

    Some accessories I added were a charging hookup with both the cigar lighter style and 2 USB ports.
    I used those to keep cameras and my phone charged.
    I had also added an RAM mount phone mount which worked very well.

    I did add a piece of heavy duty velcro to both 20200817_124120.jpg the back of my phone and the X mount to give it a bit more security.
    The tires I ran were the Perelli Angel GT A spec.
    The rear was new and the front had about 2500 km on them.
    They performed wonderfully in the heavy rain I encountered and never once gave me an oh shit moment.
    I was also running at a pretty good clip rain and all. 20200817_125043.jpg

    Some of the other gear I used was purchased at Twisted Throttle and was comprised of a 350 lit dry bag and a tank bag.
    I really like the way it mounts to the luggage rack with its own straps.
    The straps are long enough that they also fit around another dry bag that I used for my sleeping bag and mat.

    The tank bag I used is also made by SW-Motec Trial Quick Lock.
    I found the size to be perfect for what I wanted to carry and the ease of off and on at fuel stops was appreciated

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  7. oldgrizz

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    Nov 22, 2016
    A few more items.
    I did this ride on the stock seat.
    I now know why aftermarket seats are so popular.

    Also...i learned while I was at the lodge that they use really BIG Lures for Muski.

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  8. Backcountryboy

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    Nov 11, 2005
    Vancouver BC
    Enjoyed your ride report. Sometimes in all the hustle of the non-covid times we forget that some of the best rides don't require the most exotic locations and your report is a great reminder of that. Hope your leg is doing better.
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  9. oldgrizz

    oldgrizz Long timer Supporter

    Nov 22, 2016
    Went back to the doctor the other day.
    She decided to slice into where it was swollen at the front of my shin.
    She made a 2 inch incision and squezed out a couple of really BIG blood clots and some gooy stuff.
    She bandaged it and left it open to drain.
    I go back to get it checked again tomorrow.
    I think it will heal a lot faster now.
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  10. ggrant

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    Feb 12, 2010
    Q-town BC
    Thanks for the story. I guess you didn't make it to Fort Frances. I grew up in the farming country just west of there; now in Quesnel.
    Friend of mine here has an FJR & has only good things to say about it. Stories of being moved around by the wind on the prairies are sort of disconcerting considering the size of the bike. Cheers & get well.
  11. oldgrizz

    oldgrizz Long timer Supporter

    Nov 22, 2016
    Actually I found the FJR very stable in the what I would call NORMAL winds associated with a Thunder Storm.
    The winds that caused me grief were in no way NORMAL.
    I believe these were what are called in the praries a Plow Wind or Micro Burst.
    The wind was strong enough to blow 2 semi's off the road and on to their side.
    So in normal side winds I found the bike VERY stable. Yes once in a while I had to lean into the wind a bit but I never changed my position in my lane.
    When a wind gust can lift the front wheel off the road and cause a wheelie at 125 kph it is in no way a normal wind.
    I heard that some wind gusts were over 100 kph as I saw 3 graineries that were blown over.
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  12. oldgrizz

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    Nov 22, 2016
    I ordered the 2 fairing pieces that went A.W.O.L. and to my surprise the dealer had 1 in stock and the other was only 2 days away.
    They were each just over $100.00 which hurts a bit, but what motorcycle part isn't expensive.
    I am going to look to see if there is a better way to keep them attached so it doesn't happen again.
    One thing that I will check for sure is how tight the bottom clips are, I think the part can come out of those clips it may vibrate enough to fracture the part at the top mounts.
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  13. oldgrizz

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    Nov 22, 2016
    Well I finally finished the video of Day 1.
    On YouTube.....Motorcycle Ride to Ontario.

    It didn't come out perfect but then that just matches me...
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    Jul 20, 2009
    South Louisiana
    The wife and I rode Alberta to Ontario in ‘17. It rained every day and we thought the side winds through Saskatchewan were brutal, my bike was blown over while fueling up in Saskatoon. But compared to your trip it was fair weather all the way! Props to you, and with an injured leg as well. You’re one tough hombre. Don’t forget to bring us along on your next trip.