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    This is my setup on my 2018 DL650 but of course the bulbs would work on other bikes.
    First I replaced the high beam bulb. After a lot of research I decided to try an X-Treme Pro H9 LED. This bulb uses adjustable cooling fins, high output with a 25 watt draw. Plug and play installation, adjusted the fins for more cooling after the install.


    You can see the fins after the installation.


    Next I replaced the low beam bulb with a Cyclops H7. This bulb uses a cooling fan and fits well in the DL housing. 35 watt draw. Plug and play install.


    Even with a fan I think a lot of LED bulb failures are caused by heat buildup, with the housing cover installed you would be trying to cool the bulb with heated air.
    I drilled a hole in the cover and installed a screen so there would be a lot of airflow but would there be other issues? Moisture, water?


    I adjusted both lights down and to the right a little and its ready to go.


    The ride I wanted to do would be a good bulb test. SE Wisconsin to the Arctic Ocean.

    I wanted to complete an Iron Butt ride on day one of the trip so there will be a lot of key on time and the high beam would also be on all night. Day one also started with 400 miles of rain and this was a concern, would there be water in the housing? Not one drop, no moisture, it was working perfectly.
    The low beam had a nice cutoff and the reach on the high beam was amazing, it was a good combination. Even at higher speeds across ND at night I never felt like I couldn't see.
    I would have rain again the next day for 300 miles and almost everyday of the 17 day, 7800 mile trip.
    Trip also included almost 1100 miles of gravel travel with 200 miles of rain on the Dempster Highway, that 200 miles took 12 hours to complete, so again a lot of key on, low beam on time.

    Both bulbs had worked better than I had hoped. It had been a tough test.

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    Great write up, thanks!
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    great! how these bulbs are holding up? need top do the same as stock lighting is useless.

    Wonder if such LEDs not fail when riding in desert heat ect
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