Lessons in Replacing a Shoei Hornet X2

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    Dec 25, 2016
    I'm wanting to replace an aging Hornet X2. Learning a few things in the process. Decided to stick with what I had before, since I have 3 different shields already. Ordered through a local shop that matches Internet pricing. When it arrived I checked the manufacture date, and it was 1/15. The dealer told me it would still be good for the 5 year warranty. When I got home, I emailed Shoei support, and asked them. They indicated the warranty and service life would expire 1/22, seven years after the mfg date. This would indicate about half the desired life remains.

    I called the dealer, who got the helmet from Helmet House, who I'm told is the exclusive importer of Shoei Helmets. (Ordering through any shop will draw from the same inventory.) Everyone is working to rectify, but not resolved yet. The newest size/color I wanted was manufactured 7/15. They are currently looking for other colors in my size, that are not already 2 years old. I have offered to prorate the price based remaining service life.

    I find it interesting that the distributor would ship a 4.5 year old helmet. I have never noticed Hornet X2 clearance priced. Looks like Shoei allows for 2 years max aging on the shelf for their 5 year warranty.

    I highly recommend you check the Manufacture date on any new helmet before you walk out of the store, or wear it beyond a fit check.
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