Lets Take a Ride

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    Dec 5, 2008
    Nice, the scouting resumes. Cap't Jon's XLR froze up when critical bearings micro welded shut to his crankshaft. Day one with a new/used bike and we are out scouting again. Hopefully to make a pretty cool route through Middle Tennessee. Mostly, Tennessee is known for Epic DS riding over in the Smoke Mountains.

    The TAT when it was first released had people commenting that Tennessee was mostly paved after leaving the Smokies and therefore a bit of a bummer to ride.
    Just a couple of weeks back I rode an old section of the TAT and didn't even know I was on it.
    Suddenly, I recognized where I was form the slew of pictures posted here on ADV of that infamous creek crossing so slick you can't even stand up.
    Yep, it put me on the ground as well!

    Thats it tho, discovery and sharing the ride! I hope to finish it and share but in the mean time ... it sure is FUN trying!