Life saving tips for riding to/through Mixico?

Discussion in 'Americas' started by BigT, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Jamie Z

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    Oct 17, 2006
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    It's not entirely first hand, and it's not exactly what you asked, but during my trip in Mexico, I met a guy who'd been stopped by the police twice. One of the times, he told me the officer had taken his license and wouldn't give it back until the guy paid his "fine." He ended up paying $10, if I recall.

    During my own experience, I was stopped and questioned by the Mexican Mafia (La Familia) who asked to see some identification. Afraid to turn over my Passport, I gave the guy my Xeroxed and laminated drivers license. He didn't know any better and I think it smoothed over the situation greatly. I'd have felt a lot better if I didn't have to go through my real wallet to get to my fake drivers license.

    FWIW, I've continued to use my fake license at home, even to buy beer. And only one person has ever questioned it.

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    Mar 10, 2007
    BigT. When is your trip to mexico? and what route are you taking? I've been planing atrip downthere,and I think that I'm going to make it in 2009. I live in So.Cal. ( San Bernardino,Co. ) Please let me know. I am a native of that country,so, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thank you.
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    1) Be sure to stop at all Federale check points. Just because the Federales look like 15-16 year olds pay attention they carry M16's with more than 1 bullet.

    2) Drink lots of tequila to kill bacteria in water

    3) Watch for topes
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    Sep 7, 2006
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    I can't emphasize this enough..don't drive at night.
    Bad roads, road construction,people, rigs, smoke pots, detours, animals etc.
    I enjoy driving in Mexico. I will never make the mistake of driving at night outside of a city again. Use common sense, don't be in a hurry. Even if you win you will lose proving you are right. If you speak a little Spanish it goes a long way.
    Central Mexico is just awesome.

    Les Halpern
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    Dec 29, 2007
    Why not drive at night? Drunk drivers, cows, kids, bandits, pot holes big enof to bend yout rim puting you on the road. You may live but you may not walk right agen. (after thay pick you up in the morning) You cant see a dam thing and isint that why your there? Why you dont you burn your bike, shoot your self in the leg beat up some little kid and give away all your credit cars and cash. It will save you so much time. (its a little harsh but thats why we are telling you not to ride at night)

    ID? thats not a pasport or a licenses? looks like a waste.

    :dunno get a new pasport and hold on to the old one that way you have 2 real pasports. make a copy of the new one so you can leve with out it if need be.

    Make GOOD copys of the license cops some times hold on to them till you pay a fine, let them have it and go on with your trip. Also to avoid paying a fine you can tell them you only have credit cards and will follow them to the police station and pay there. But dont spend a day trying to save $10 you are payed more than they are.
    Get Mexico insurance your USA one dose not cover you there. You may need to get temperary import for the bike if you take it down.
    Need to be cheap?
    Camping well theres alwas off the road, beaches, and gas stations get to know a few people and one will let you stay in with them. Camping there is more for fun than some thing you need to. $5 to $15 a night not to much shop a round to get a better deal food $2 a meal is nice to. Slowing down is a grate idea you see more riding at night is a bad idea.
    Cigarrettes and booze for the banditos? thay prefer cash all of it your bike to drive slow on there road at night so thay can get at you easy.

    A bit more info than your looking for but is a hell of a place.
  6. Ruffus

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    Jan 22, 2006
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    I've driven to Mexico twice in a cage, never on a bike, on my way down the first time, I was told by many people in Tuscon & Pheonix to not drive at night, but never given a reason why, things didn't turn out as planned & I ended up driving at night, it's not any bandito's you need to worry about. Hundreds of cows, burro's, horses were plastered on both sides of the highway, I had to lock up my brakes just around a blind bend to keep from hitting 3 burro's & one horse, laying on the horn, them just looking at me. I knew there some cars coming from behind & they wouldn't see me until it was too late. Finally the critters got off the road, I nailed the gas pedal, I was up to about 40 Mph when the other cars passed me like I was standing still. I pulled over in the dirt soon after that & slept till daylight in my truck. I was awoken by some jubilent workers walking by , laughing, tapping my window. :D Driving in the early morning I also saw hundreds of dogs plastered on the highways.

    P.S. if you don't know what topes is, think of an oversized speedbump that'll get you airborne at anything less than walking speed (they hurt) & I hit a few without seeing them that night untill too late. I was in a lifted 4X4 with biggass tires, felt sorry for anyone in a car hitting one at speed. On a bike it would have been bad.

    Second time down through Baja, soon as it got dark, I pulled over into the dirt, drove offroad untill I was out of sight of the highway & set up a tent.

    Never drive through Mexico at night if you can avoid it. Good luck on you trip, take lots of pic's.

    P.S. every Mexican I met was friendly & allways quick to smile & say hola. They also have some of the best mechanics I've seen with a remarkable ability to find needed parts at excellent prices if you have mechanical problems.
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    Someone said not to give stuff to kids, as it will make them beggars...BS to that, there are few things more rewarding than a true heartfelt smile from a kid or group of kids that see their first American pennies or nickels, a plastic army man, or taste their first starburst candy, etc...A polaroid shot of a kid on your bike is priceless and they will surely keep that photo for ever...If you go back to the same town, you may see the picture again. I have several is too cool to see the same faces several times and watch them grow up.

    The checkstops are fun when you give an army soldier a plastic soldier, ask if that is his little brother, or was that made after his likeness, etc...Brings smiles to what can be a little frustrating and/or nerve wracking experience, especially in the late fall after harvest time and there are 3 times the roadblocks, and every one wants to look through all of everyone's bags...

    See Real de Catorce at least once.....
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    Aug 21, 2007
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    Is there a time of year that is best to travel there? - Being from the mitten, it's kinda hard to leave with all this snow on the ground. Was thinking of going in Aug. I know it's hot - I'm ok with that. err - when are you planning to go?
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    I am waiting for a picture of this tattoed dog riding around in Mexico on a bike-does he wear a helmet? PETA may hang your ass if not! Ask Miguel Vick! And it is interesting to hear from someone that rides a bike in the upper 20MPH range, tell me more ...

    Jeff hit it on the head about giving money-it is common in Mexico to see government signs that ask tourists to not give money to kids as it promotes the idea of profitable begging and incourages parents to not send them to school. That is the crux of it! Giving a kid some candy is a bit different , I suppose. Now when I was a soldier, there was nothing more I ever wanted than a GD plastic soldier to have and to hold! Get Real-give the guy some dip or a candy bar that is logical? I am thinking I will distribute University of Kentucky stickers down there to help with recruiting for our BB team as they are hurting !

    If I was from the mitten-and it looks like the mitten here in KY tonite- NOW is the time to go south, don't wait until it is nice up here... Watch me leave soon
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    Coming in late here, but the reason this is a bad idea is that all of the other drivers will be going 60+ mph at night. At 20mph, you aren't worried about the cows in front of you, you need to be worried about the overloaded pickup with one headlight and a distracted driver flying up from behind. A lot of highways in Mexico don't really have shoulders; there is just the pavement and then a drop-off. So you can't be doing your 20mph crawl well away from traffic -- particularly when there are curves, faster traffic will be on top of you before you know it.