Linking dirt bike trails for ADV ride

Discussion in 'Americas' started by DanThomas, Oct 3, 2019.

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    Jan 16, 2019
    Hi all,

    Me and a pal are leaving in a few days from BC, heading south. I'm trying to find better/more technical stuff to ride on rather than just fire road. But all I can find are dirt biking 'areas'.

    What's the best resource to make our own route where we can pick and choose the difficulty of trail to make our way south? Both on 690s so we'd rather be on something tight and techy over 100s of miles of road.
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    Feb 6, 2019
    The best I've been able to do is collecting gpx files from this site and loading them into Basecamp. You can put together your own toes from there.

    I've yet to find a resource that lets you find roads based on the surface type.
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    Somewhere on the internet here on advrider, there is a post with .gpx files attached called the cdr st (or CD st) which stands for Continental Divide ride single track. It's too late in the season for Montana single track but you might find some useable tracks farther south. I've ridden some of the Montana single tracks listed and I'd recommend nothing larger/heavier than a 500EXC,
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    I kind to do this a lot. I try to include rough primitive road sections in long trips like yours on my 690. But I don't try to put single track into these 690 trips.
    I don't have a systematic foolproof approach.

    I first plan the trip using what look like "good" roads based on map legends, numbering, and length of stretches (good roads tend to go further than harder ones).

    I then go back and look at short segment alternatives, especially those with forest roads that have a letter in the name, e.g. 100f. I use Google Earth to check the roads out.

    Some times I check Jeep and ATV web sites to get ideas. These people seem much better organized than motorcyclists.

    If you get as far as the southwest, I have a lot of good hybrid tracks.

    If you are really into a long single track ride, check out the Tour of Idaho. I hear it is a killer.
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    Mar 19, 2014

    I enjoy riding more technical roads and trails on my cross country trips as well.

    Finding these routes can be challenging, here are some tips.

    1) local / internet knowledge. ..go to region section and ask for trail suggestions.

    2) Study maps.

    Maps both public and private can be very useful.

    The US forest Service produces a number of useful maps. The MVU map is free, and shows all motorized use trails and roads by type ...(single tract, jeep, dirt 2wd, paved) they also have nice topographic maps for sale that show most of these routes.

    The US Geological Survey has high resolution 7.5 min topographic maps that also show jeep roads, dirt roads ect..

    Private maps. National Geographic has paper and e maps that are high resolution that also show trails and road by type.

    3) E-Tools

    By far the BEST backcountry route finding tool I have ever found is called

    Caltopo is super powerful and easy to use.

    It gives you instant access to and the ability to swith between a variety of mapping data without losing your spot on the map.

    With Caltopo you get USGS 7.5 min, USFS , Goggle (map, sat, terrain ).

    If you find a remote jeep road/trail on a USFS map , you can then swith to satellite and see that section of trail ! ! !

    Good luck