Links to great E-moto deals (no ADV-ads)

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    A place to post links to great deals on electric scooters & motorbikes.

    (Not to be used for personal sales as those belong in the Fleamarket section)

    Came across this gem this morning:

    14C35EF7-F891-49D3-9C17-38EE2ABD03AA.png 9677FEC4-1E83-4DE6-A681-AE21EE19116E.png 890704AB-A792-4845-B767-BAA5424ABFAC.png

    Electric scooter moped (like new) for $825 on OfferUp.

    I’ve contacted the seller. He says it goes 20-25mph max speed and can travel 18-20 miles on a single charge. No VIN # or MCO, so can’t be plated or registered; restricted to bike lanes only.

    Update- Saw it in person today. Lithium battery lives under the seat. Fast charger with auto shutoff also fits under the seat with some extra room to spare for a half helmet, etc. 35 miles on the odometer. Side and center stand.
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    Great idea for this thread!

    Like the one that's in Battle Scooters, contact a Mod to make it a sticky to stay on top of this sub-forum :)
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    This thread is an excellent idea! Right now all the Zero dealers are running a promotion on their demo bikes. Here’s a link to one example ad on Craigslist.
    I’ve ridden the 2018 FX and am now on a mission to figure out how to have one by next year. They are crazy fun!
    Keep this going!!
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