Withdrawn From Sale Lionel O Gauge Locomotive

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    From my late father's collection. This was new in the box, I opened it, ran it a little bit, and put it on display. Factory box, manuals, accessories. I like trains. But I've got my fingers in too many pies right now, so it goes. From Wiki:

    No. 1218 is the sole survivor of the Norfolk and Western's class A locomotives, and the only surviving 2-6-6-4 steam locomotive in the world. While smaller than Union Pacific's famous and more numerous "Challenger" Class of 4-6-6-4 locomotives, Norfolk and Western's design racked up unmatched records of performance in service. Norfolk and Western used No. 1218 and the other class A locomotives primarily for fast freight trains, but they also pulled heavy coal trains on the flatter districts of the Norfolk & Western system, and reportedly even pulled heavy passenger trains at times.

    Details from Lionel's Website:


    Inmate price is $650 shipped in conus. You want it shipped to some far away exotic place PM me and we'll discuss.