Living the Dream - Tales of a Dutchie in the South [emoji631]

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    Hi guys,

    A little overdue to start this ride report, but hell, there is just so much to do, see, talk to people, there's almost not enough hours in a day!

    Sitting here now waiting for the repairshop to call me about my bike which is in repairs, I've finally got some time to keep y'all updated!

    First of all: Thank you all so much for all the replies, personal messages and experiences in real life we've had! This really makes for truly unique experience!

    Day 1:
    As I landed in Atlanta, I was greeted by Jenna (hardwaregrrl), who had kindly agreed to provide me with a sleeping address the first night! First thing I did in the States was drink an ice-cold beer, which Jenna had brought in her car!


    So, I am in Tuscaloosa right now, what a cool place to be!
    In a next life I will definitely enroll at the University of Alabama Haha!

    Day 2 l bought a Suzuki V-Strom in Watkinsville, Georgia, which was all kitted out for overland adventure, including a fishing rod and even a machete!


    I was assisted by John from Boxerworks who were selling the bike, and I could not have wished for a more helpful guy to do this transaction!
    Did have some problems with the bike not starting when I had just parked the bike a few miles into the trip, but luckily John showed up and we went to get a new battery.

    The delay however did result in me driving through Georgia in the dark, which was an experience, especially for someone who just got his license two months ago haha!

    I met up with Marcin (PLrider) in Sylva, North-Carolina at 22:30.
    I had planned to stay just one night in Sylva but Marcins hospitality and the awesome scenery had me stay another night. Marcin, AKA the walking Wikipedia, knew absolutely every road I had to take, and thanks to him my experience there absolutely went through the roof!
    I did the Blue Ridge Parkway, Cherohala Skyway and the next day the Tail of the Dragon. The night inbetween was filled with drinking local microbrews with Marcin and his lovely girlfriend Eli!

    Ran into a fellow LEO who wore a shirt of him being in pursuit of a motor on the Tail of the Dragon, only in America!


    More to follow!

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