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If you had a commute anywhere job, would you...

  1. Choose the bike?

  2. Choose the car?

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  3. Depends on the distance...

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  1. Mikalle76

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    Apr 25, 2009
    Not sure if there are any posts like this here.
    I have a job where working from home or anywhere is no big deal... For now, I work from home and I have to do what they call market visits. This entails traveling to cities across the country that I am assigned to and train the employees. It usually takes about three days to travel, meet, teach and complete. Then off to the next market or back home. I have a yearly travel budget that I have to abide by and I have found that some trips are cheaper to take the bike... Upon discussion with my supervisors, they said if you feel that it is more economical to ride your motorcycle over flying, please by all means ride to the market.

    Now the questions I have are:
    Are there any inmates who are in the same position?
    Packing business attire, how and how many sets do you pack on travels?
    Electronics... I work from my phone, laptop and tablet, how and where would you pack those?
    Time, distance and roadlag... How do you handle it?

    I recently rode to an airport which was 200 miles away to fly to a 5 day summit. I packed one bag.. Travelwise, that was a mistake. Bikewise, it was easy. Where is the happy medium.

  2. TripleTriples

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    Feb 6, 2019
    It gets tricky if you need to wear a jacket, they just don't pack well in motorcycle luggage.

    Other than that, shirts and slacks are easy. You can wear both more than once if they're plain colors, just switch up the ties. I usually try to get on site a day early so I have time to get settled in and iron clothes.
  3. snglfin

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    Jul 19, 2011
    berkshire county
    i travel for work also, and prefer taking the bike over flying or driving. last month i rode from new england to virginia on a saturday, had two days of work in different towns, then continued south to north carolina for two more days of work, then headed back home. i saved the clients several hundred off of airfare and rental car costs and was able to invoice for 2/3 of the mileage and travel time... win-win! i did something similar when i lived in socal, rode to see clients in utah and colorado.

    i use a laptop, carried in the top box, and wear button down shirts (business casual?), folded to minimize wrinkling... i have needed to iron a collar on arrival here and there. my work pants are of a technical fabric that wears well and dries quickly, but look like plain black chinos. i wash them in the shower at night and they’re ready to go in the morning.

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