Long Oval Head? Try the radically new and innovative VOZZ RS-1.0!

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    If you're one of those unfortunates who would have been rejected by Oliver Cromwell's 'Round Heads', back in the 1650s because they lad a 'long-oval head' instead of a 'round head' :lol3, and have suffered long years trying to find a suitably 'long-oval' motorcycle helmet to fit your kidney bean shaped skull...search no further! A relatively new helmet has come onto the market, designed and produced in Australia named the VOZZ RS-1.0...

    The VOZZ helmet uses a singularly unique and innovative approach to sizing that fits the head through the use of a 'bivalve' (clam) articulation. That is, it is constructed of two sections joined by a hinge, one covering the front of the skull and one covering the rear of the skull. The result is a truly remarkable and extremely comfortable protective helmet that us long-oval folks will absolutely LOVE!

    Interestingly, although the VOZZ helmet has no connection to or with the military industries, this so-called 'clamshell' design was first researched and incorporated into a US Air Force 'windblast helmet' designed for the USAF and USN (the HGU-15/P and HGU-20/P, respectively) that underwent flight-testing back in the mid-1960s. Designed for use to protect pilots of Mach-2 fighter aircraft from the extreme wind-blast effects of a high-altitude ejection from a crippled fast-mover crate, it was ultimately rejected by the Air Force but adopted by the US Navy (and produced in a limited run of about 860 or so). Eventually, after operational testing by the Navy in Vietnam, it was also rejected by the USN as well (but not because it wasn't comfortable and extremely effective as head protection). The materials technology of that period simply wasn't up to making a lightweight helmet that could be worn for long periods of time in an aircraft without inducing severe neck-loading stresses during high-G combat maneuvers.

    After the Navy rejected it for its crews, in the 1980s NASA revived the design and used it to protect the American Space Shuttle (STS) astronauts up through STS Mission 51-L (the Challenger, which exploded, killing all aboard). The helmet enabled the Challenger crew to remain alive until the 275 mph impact of the crew cabin with the ocean killed them all instantly.

    But this is all mere back-story on the present-day VOZZ motorcycle helmet design. The salient particulars of the VOZZ helmet are that it is a spectacularly well-designed & engineered protective helmet for motorcyclists, but more to the point it fits us long-oval head shapes like a glove and is perhaps one of the most comfortable helmets ever developed. Priced at about US$700 or so, it is worth every penny and today's advanced material technology has enabled VOZZ to produce a helmet that is light enough to compare favorably with the whole range of high-end MC helmets.

    Take a look at it and read the on-line comments and reviews of it. I think you'll be suitably impressed (understatement). VOZZ offers a range of solid colors (best for 'see & be seen' safety people like me) and mine is in a green shade that comes close to my Kawasaki Ninja's beautiful green paint scheme. As many of you know, typical helmet graphics offered by most other helmet makers are a sop to those who care less about being seen than being viewed as 'cool dudes', so me for the solid hi-viz colors!

    You can find the VOZZ website here: http://www.vozzhelmets.com/

    PS: Just for sh*ts and giggles, I've attached an image of the NASA astronaut version of the 'clamshell'. Talk about 'cool'... NASA_Clamshell.gif Challenger_crew_wearing_NASA_clamshell.jpg
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