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Long term KLX250S review

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by bmwhd, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. charleshmosesii

    charleshmosesii No skills no worries

    Feb 16, 2005
    Tampa, FL
    The ride home was dry...as I was in my truck, bike in tow. :puke1 Didn't get insurance in time, so couldn't get a tag in time, plus girlfriend in the truck and didn't want her to drive alone anyway

    FYI: one-day bike trailer rental from U-Haul: $15. Good deal.

    Love the bike! Woohoo, this is gonna be fun! Will finally make time to get the tag tomorrow I think, then commutes begin, then offroad weekending begins, and mods begin!

    I'm gonna go through this thread, and kawasakiforums, and gen up a summary of mods done (by type) + links to install notes + people's comments on them (i.e., distill the good stuff out of all this!), then provide it to the kawasakiforums moderator in case he finds it can enhance the sticky threads there, then start ordering parts. Should take me awhile (next two months?!), as I'm busy. (Anyone else done this already?!)
    I'll be more in touch here as I start mod research/work.

    I don't mind riding her stock for now, I'm not picky and my skills aren't that good to matter. :deal

    Going to Croom or Ocala NF on her (in stock form!) July 28 if anyone interested. My first time, be easy on em. I'm going with a buddy who has a full dirtbike and is skilled. He will be patient with me and give me pointers. :freaky I don't have any offroad gear either, gee it'll be hot in my road pants and jacket and helmet! :lol3 I'm a dumbass, someone should take pictures of the croom savant. :fall


  2. sullydirt

    sullydirt Been here awhile

    Feb 12, 2006
    Hey Charles,

    Congrats on the bike. You might want to order the needle and jets, so you'll have them when you're ready. I ordered mine from Cycle-Parts http://www.cycle-parts.com/shopbyparts.asp.

    Here are the part numbers you'll need for jetting:

    # 16009-1912--------Needle-Jet,N1TC
    # 92143-1667--------Needle Collar (required for N1TC needle)
    # 92037-1401--------Clamp, Needle Jet (Clip, required for N1TC needle)
    # 92063-1069--------#125 Main Jet
    # 92063-1074--------#128 Main Jet

    A 13 tooth CS will help the low end. AFAM Sprockets P/N 24502. Phone # 1-800-290-9040

    You could install the sprocket right away, but I would wait for the carb parts before you open up the airbox.

    Have you ever been to Hardrock Motorcycle Park in Ocala? They have a couple MX tracks, but I like the Roller Coaster trail (Best Hillclimbing in FL) and the Hairscramble course. It's $25 to ride all day. You can camp for $10/night.

  3. sullydirt

    sullydirt Been here awhile

    Feb 12, 2006
  4. charleshmosesii

    charleshmosesii No skills no worries

    Feb 16, 2005
    Tampa, FL
    Good point on the carb parts, as there is no question there on what to get.

    Sprockets: I want to study the combinations to get about that ratio but that minimizes wear (F650.com faq has a chart on the combinations that might be useful.), thus I might decide to go with larger rear sprocket and longer chain instead. We'll see...gotta study it a little. I'll also pour through the threads to see what others say about that trade-off.

    Hardrock looks cool, thanks for the info! Never heard of it. I have never ridden on anything like that, so I'll work my way up to it. We'll meet there sometime "when I'm ready" -- :lol3. I'm gonna link this place for my offroad buddy here in Tampa too, thanks.

  5. sullydirt

    sullydirt Been here awhile

    Feb 12, 2006
    I'm planning on going with a 14/45 setup once I wear out my sprockets and chain. Until then for under $10 the 13 CS makes a big difference in low end.
  6. alternateimpact

    alternateimpact Adventurer

    Dec 19, 2005
    Man this thread just keeps growing. I havn't been out on my KLX much in the past month, as it is prime time sport bike riding season. it aslo dosn't help that the last ride on the KLX ended in a very long push down a mountain, and 8 KM's back to my home ( valve stem kept ripping apart from the tube).....the 3rd time its happend now. The remedy i just intalled tonight was a pair of motion pro rim locks, and a new Maxxis offraod tire for the rear.

    I havn't even done the free mods everyone seems to be doing yet. Are they really worth it? does it runin the internals over time?

  7. MaverickAus

    MaverickAus Long timer

    Dec 25, 2005
    Heaven on Earth
    just a hint leave your valve nut loose, just use the valve cap to keep it on, i ripped 2 valves before doing this
  8. daddysbike

    daddysbike You won't see a motorcycle at a shrink's office!

    Feb 17, 2006
    Athens, GA USofA
    That's what I'm talking about!
    How would a DRZ400 and XR650L compare to the 250x on terrain like that?
    I'm debating all 3 for a street legal, off road focused dual sport for riding mainly fire roads in GA mtns and maybe single track it the bike's up to it.

  9. John E Davies

    John E Davies Runs at Mouth Adventurer

    Dec 12, 2004
    Spokane, WA USA
    I don't own a KLX, but I helped my riding buddy Ryan uncork his yesterday. We did all the simple mods, using a KDX snorkle and Muzzy pipe with quiet insert and spark arrestor. We used a new needle and clip rather than shimming the stock one. We kept the stock airbox screen and air filter, as well as the 35 pilot jet.

    Here are a few observations that might be of interest:

    Plugging the vacuum port at the front of the carb:

    Invert the carb at a 45 degree angle in a padded bench vise
    Drill and tap the hole in the brass fitting to 8-32 SAE (US) threads. Use a light lubricant on the tap to reduce binding.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: to prevent shavings from getting into the carb, apply low air pressure (20 psi) at the large air port at the carb inlet. This will encourage shavings to exit down and out.
    Install stainless 8-32 internal hex cap screw with RED loctite.

    Drilling the slide:

    Apparently some mis-information is circulating about the hole size. We used 7/64th inch, NOT a #10 which is WAY too big. I personally haven't read about using a #10 bit, but Ryan assures me he has seen it in print here.

    Plugging the air injection reed valve port fitting:

    Remove the entire assemble from the head and clamp the front section only in a padded vise.
    Drill the hole slightly oversized and tap with a 1/8 NPT tapered pipe tap. Again, use a lubricant and go slowly.
    Install a socket head pipe plug using RED loctite.
    Reinstall the reed valve assembly using high temp silicone sealant on the gaskets. (Alternately - clean and install new gaskets.)

    The Quiet Core insert went into the Muzzy can without difficulties, but the spark arrestor is a bit finicky. You have to support the screen with your two longest fingers (think gynecological exam here) while aligning and tightening the cap. Otherwise the screen can fall down out of the recess and make it difficult to get the end cap on straight.

    We used a thin smear of copper (high temp) silicone sealer on the exhaust slip joints to prevent soot and air leakage. The rear pipe to muffler joint seemed a little loose to me.... The front one was plenty tight. The soot issue is cosmetic, but air leaking in will cause popping on deceleration.

    The two port screws are a SUPER SANO, reversable mod and will be much more reliable long term than using rubber caps or other less-than-satisfactory solutions. The bike ran great on a short test hop, and while not quite as powerful as Ryan hoped for, it would wheelie wth relative ease and it sure sounded great.

    EDIT: after riding the bike later, Ryan sent me this note:
    "I love it. Its a whole new bike. Not too much power below 3000 but it will redline scary fast now. I had it over 70 in two blocks (safely, out at the lake), way faster than before. Now I need a gearing change for the trail. Worried that I will make the bike hard to ride on the road though. I will read up on that."

    Being the owner of a 525EXC, I think the KLX250 is a fine bike, but it sure is time consuming to work on in comparison!!!!

    John Davies
    Spokane WA
  10. charleshmosesii

    charleshmosesii No skills no worries

    Feb 16, 2005
    Tampa, FL
    THANKS, JOHN! I'm sure this will help me in a critical way when I get to tackling mine. :clap
  11. Ginsu4u

    Ginsu4u Yakitty Shmakitty.....

    Feb 26, 2006
    Medical Lake. WA
    So I had about 2000 miles on her before we did the mods, what a difference. It feels like I have a new bike. Right to redline now with no power loss (surging) that I had before around 8000 or so. The Muzzy sounds great and I dont think it is too loud. I live in a SMALL town and dont want to piss off the neighbors. I know that I need a gearing change for the trail but I ride on pavement and gravel more than the trail. Just wanted to say thanks again John for the help, also a BIG thank you to everyone on this forum and Kawasakiforums.com for all the great info.

    p.s. I got the Muzzy from JCmotors on E-bay. They had a few and the price wasnt too bad, super fast shipping. I called them on the phone and not through E-bay. They have great customer service and I was very happy with them and the Muzzy.

  12. nobrakes

    nobrakes Long timer

    Jan 19, 2006
    North Carolina
    With all due respect of course, but compare the part numbers on the KLX300R vs the KLX250S. The inlet cam shaft is the identical part. The exhaust cam shaft is a different part number, but that is possibly due to the automatic compression release on the KLX250S and not a different cam lobe profile. So at least the inlet cam shaft is identical between the KLX300 and the KLX250S with the exhaust cam shaft profile is possibly the same. But I would argue that for racing, you are most likely going to go to a more aggressive aftermarket cam lobe profile anyway, so the point is a bit moot.

    The igniters have different part numbers, but that does not necessarily mean there's a difference in the timing, since the cabling is different the differnt part numbers could be simply due to that. I suspect only a Kawasaki engineer could comment on whether they are programmed the same. But again, similarly for the cam shafts, for racing applications I would argue that one would spring the $150 for an aftermarket igniter to get a more aggressive firing profile.

    I suspect the biggest detraction for upgrading to a 300cc cyclinder if you plan to race would be that it would move your bike into a different class - you could no longer race in the 250 class, and the 300cc wouldn't be competitive with the 400's and 450's in the next class up.

    At any rate, I have a 300cc cylinder and piston on my KLX250S and find that it has really woken this bike up. By the best measure to describe this to someone who hasn't ridden with it, but has doen't a front or rear sprocket upgrade, it feels similar to that. If you call all the jetting, airbox, crackcase vent, and aftermarket exhaust mods 1 notch on the performance dial, the 300cc upgrade clicked it up another notch. Wheelies are no problem with a slight tug on the bars now, where before it was a lot more effort. And regarding high end, I find that in 6th gear, I can roll on the throttle and can really feel it want to pull out from under me, even up inclines. The bike never did this with the old cylinder and piston.

    I realize that is not objective Dyno measurements, but I don't think I'm imagining it either. Either way, you gotta do what you are comfortable with. The 300cc upgrade wasn't cheap so its good to feel confident that it will do what you want. I installed mine myself so at least I didn't have to pay the stealership that expense, but even so parts came to about $470 US. I mostly got it for the low-end torque, primarily to lift the front over trail obstacles such as logs and streams with a twist of the wrist instead of pulling my arms out of their sockets before the upgrade. It has done that for me, so I'm happy.

  13. YYY-GUY

    YYY-GUY Back in the saddle ...

    Jul 21, 2006
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Greetings everyone!

    Been lurking here over the past few weeks, and finally went to the local dealer to place my order - he says he can have a '06 KLX250S for me by the end of July. The suspense is killing me!!!

    I gotta give many thanks to everyone here - your enthusiasm and participation helped me make the decision to trade in my '96 KLR-250 for a real dirt bike.

    Thanks to all for sharing their information and experiences regarding modifications! I already have a shopping list for parts to a bike that I don't even have yet!!!

    I still have about 60 pages of this thread to go through, so I'm sure there's plenty of useful information and stories to occupy my time before my bike gets here. (On the other hand, it might just make the suspense more unbearable!)

    I'll post more later, but wanted to stop lurking and join the gang as soon as I got back from the dealer.

    In the meantime, post more pics, more info, and more stories ... I might have to get a "drool-proof" keyboard before my bike arrives, but I can live with that problem!


    Mike S.
  14. KLX X 2

    KLX X 2 Randy

    Apr 14, 2006
    Cambridge Ontario Canada
    Good luck with the new bike Mike. I sure hope the Dealer can get you one. I had to shop around in the end of May to find two of them for my wife and I. We were told that there was no more comeing to sothern Ontario this year. Here is a pic of the wife on hers.

  15. Nobiman

    Nobiman Orange... the color of insanity.

    Apr 20, 2005
    La la land... republik of Kalifornia.
    Congrats Mike, Welcome to the club!

  16. rockt

    rockt Long timer

    Oct 13, 2003
    Hey, is that the bridge over the Grand River? If so I was standing right where your wife is yesterday. Nice spot.
  17. nobrakes

    nobrakes Long timer

    Jan 19, 2006
    North Carolina
    Hey Nobiman, did you ever install the 300cc kit? It sounded like you might have been interested in it.

    I'm thinking next on the list might be one of those fancy pumper carbs. :evil The only thing that's giving me a little bit of pause is fitment and then tuning. I think a Mikuni TM36 may be the size to get, but I'm not sure about whether it will fit or not. Then there's the task of jetting and tuning. Does one start with the sizes that work with a CV carb, or does all that go out the window when you move up to a pumper?
  18. MaverickAus

    MaverickAus Long timer

    Dec 25, 2005
    Heaven on Earth
    Welcome triple Y-Guy hope you get your bike soon.
    Hey Brian, the TM33 is the one that most people seem to use there is a fitting guide here and lots of info on Thumper Talk
  19. nobrakes

    nobrakes Long timer

    Jan 19, 2006
    North Carolina
    Thanks Mav.
  20. 5pointer

    5pointer n00b

    Jul 22, 2006
    [SIZE=+1][SIZE=+2][SIZE=+2]KLX250S Mods Thread Index[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Airbox Mods:

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    The Kit Consists Of: post 157
    Where Did You Get Your Jug Bored Out? post 1801 - 1803
    You Need The Following: post 1523

    Carb Mods:

    A Different Approach post 823
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    Air Screw Location post 520
    Air Screw Location post 526
    Carb Mod Pics post 724 - 734
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    Cut Off A Few Coils Of The Return Spring Of The Diaphram post 276
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    How To Get Some Bottom End post 1224, 1226
    I Tried 3 Jets Up To The 139 Each With Measured Performance post 895
    If You Ride In Water post 1296
    Kawasaki Jet Kit Part Numbers post 1001
    Kawasaki Part Number For The Washers post 289
    Link To Part Numbers And Prices post 1015
    Low Idle Problems post 1607 - 1611
    Needle Part Numbers post 1027
    Order Of Assembly For Needle & Spring Parts Pic post 1773
    Part Numbers You'll Need For Jetting post 1627
    Pilot Air Screw Out 2.5 Turns post 176
    Plugging The Vacuum Port At The Front Of The Carb post 1634
    Purpose Of Drilling Out The Slide Hole post 836
    Raise The Needle With Washers post 276
    Regarding The Needle post 1541
    Replace The Needle post 146
    Sluggish Response At The Bottom post 1226
    Stock KLX Carb On 300cc Feels Like A Pumper Carb post 278
    The Basic Rules For Pilot Jets post 1727
    The Good Needle (N1TC) Is Really 3 Pieces post 1027
    The Slide post 178
    The Stock Bike Is Running Pretty Lean post 1520, 1521
    What Are These Spacers? post 682
    What Jets Are Used With The Muzzy? post 1359

    Clutch Lever:

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    Crank Case Breather:

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    Engine Break In:

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    EPA Stuff:

    Any Modification To Emission Equipment Is Considered To Be Tampering By The EPA post 1586
    No Jetting Is Required After Smog Removal post 1362 - 1365
    Pic Of Smog Stuff To Be Removed post 741
    Pics Of Capping Holes After De-Smog Removal post 742 - 747
    Plugging The Air Injection Reed Valve Port Fitting post 1634
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    Removed The Air Injection System post 146
    You Did Both Those Just The Way I Did Except... post 753

    False Neutrals:

    Getting Lots Of False Neutrals post 346
    No False Neutrals For Me As Yet post 342, 343
    Occasional False Neutrals Between 4th & 5th post 336, 337

    Front Brake Line:

    Cover For The Front Brake Line post 253
    Front Brake Line Routing post 252
    Homemade Protection Pic post 1004
    Pic post 248

    Gas Tank:

    50 State Legal DOT Approved With Plastic Tank post 1217 - 1220
    60mm PC CPU Fans Wired In Parallel Pics post 1024
    Acerbis Tank Fitted Pic post 1319 - 1323
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    Acerbis Tank Pics post 1796 - 1800
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    Mounts For GPS post 1325
    Pic post 1797


    Pro Grip 737 Gel Grips post 22

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    post 239. 240

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    post 1149

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    Rear Storage:

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    Seat Removal:

    post 617


    Comfy Seat Made By Daytona post 1510
    Corbin Seat post 15


    Lock On Front Brake Pic post 1412, 1415

    Service Manual:

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    Spark Plugs:

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    13 Tooth post 388
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    Tail Light - License Plate:

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    Weight Reduction:

    Bike Weighs About 233 Dry post 1170