Looking for a cruiser fairing type for a project (for 7" headlight)

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by LazyR, Aug 30, 2019.

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    Feb 20, 2018
    For a little project I am planning this winter I am looking for a (preferably fork mounted) minimalistic cruiser type fairing, which works with a round 7" headlight.

    I stumbled on the Burly Fairing types. However, they only fit 5,75 inch headlights. I haven't bought a specific headlight yet, but I'd really like to use a 7". The burley ones seemed a good fit, because they are universal (my project isn't a harley). https://www.burlybrand.com/category/34/fairings

    The only ones I can find with a quick google search are the $70 Krator ones (and millions of chinese knock offs). They are handlebar mounted, and the round cafe racer shape is impractical, so unless I absolutely can't find anything else it is not a contender.

    PS: never knew how expensive those Harley Davidson goodies were :jack

    EDIT: I am located in the Netherlands, Europe

    EDIT 2: Fork mounted fairing might be too low (bike is not a cruiser, will most likely look silly). Handlebar mounting is okay, or even ones that can be fit to a simple bracket, preferably with European sizes in bolts and nuts etc.

    Also: the lighter the better :ricky