looking for Baja gps routes. Tecate to El Rosario to Bahia de los Angeles

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    Hello forum.

    I'm sure this has been posted ad nauseum but I'm not finding much in the search. The time has come for me to plan next springs upcoming Baja trip and this year we are going all dirt! I have planned several trips up and down hwy 1 but this is my first time offroad in Baja. We will most likely have a SxS chase as well so no single track (Boo). I'm wondering if any one has any gps tracks they would be willing to share? We will be going from Tecate to Loredo and back and would like to split it up going and coming back. I'm looking for a route from Tecate to El Rosario, to Bahia de los Angeles. I've read about the compadre trail from Tecate to Mikes? Where to go from there? And ( if it exists!) a route from El Rosario to BoLA. From what I'm seeing it looks like Pavement from south of El Rosario to Catavina is about the only option. Coming back I think BoLA to San Felipe could be fun but I don't see a way to link BoLA to Chapala without back tracking on pavement. Thanks for you help and advise!

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    Did you consider getting the E32 maps and laying out your own tracks? I just bought them for my Montana. Now I have them on Basecamp and the Montana. I'm impressed with the amount of detail you can see which includes dirt back roads. I'm not saying I can see a network of dirt roads to use but maybe you could get close.
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