Looking for Colorado advice on staying/riding

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    So I live in Michigan and here is what I’m thinking and asking for some guidance from Colorado folks on ideas in the planning.

    I’d like to come out next summer with the bikes (KTM 350 and Kaw) in the back of the truck and pulling my trailer. Find somewhere to camp where we can use the trailer as the base camp and do day rides up into the surrounding passes and single track/dual track type riding. I guess a campground of sorts would be good so we could hook up to water and electric, but not completely a requirement as we can last a few days with what we have on board.
    If you have ideas on where to stay and where to ride I’d love to hear them. I guessing we would drive out in two days, ride 5 days and then drive two days back home.
    Thanks for the help
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    I live in Denver

    Go-to Rockies section and rea the coming to Colorado thread

    You will need to buy out of state OHV stickers, even if bike has plates likely you will need a sticker ....plus the sticker gives you Backcountry SAR insurance if you have a serious problem


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    Taylor Park is an easy go to, but has been pretty crowded the last few years, especially with all the Texas Wheelchairs.
    Sargents has camping, cabins, and hookups. Quieter, but puts you in good range for a variety of trails. Rider owned I believe as well.
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    I moved away from Colorado 3 plus years ago.
    Try looking around the Pitkin area. There are forest service camp grounds in the area, most likely no hook ups but it's a great area to hit a few passes from.
    When doing the COBDR I camped in a site near Pitkin, there was a thunder storm that night. The thunder echoed down the canyon like those big brass drums in an orchestra, the lighting lit up my tent like a flash bulb. It took a while to get back to sleep but it was way cool....
    You can go from Pitkin to Tin Cup then over to Buena Vista. Also get to Leadville and do Hagerman pass, that's a real fun one. Mosquito pass will take you from the Leadville side over to Fairplay. This pass is ROUGH on the east side.
    For some really fun passes like Cork Screw you can go down near Telluride.
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    I couple of recommendations: If possible, travel on the weekends and plan your rides during the week. The trails are much safer with significantly less riders. I am a big fan of the 717 trail system (5 min from my house), but it doesn't offer tight, technical single track. Pull it up on Youtube to take a look. There are plenty of places to stay in that area as well. Perhaps you plan to stay in a couple locations to maximize the areas you ride in? BTW, I was born and raised in MI....enjoy your trip.