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Discussion in 'Canada' started by used2jeep, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Starting at or about New Hampshire "up through Canada" and coming back South somewhere near Michigan or Wisconsin. I am looking to fill in the "up through Canada" portion with some good stuff. The whole trip goes from Boston to Anaheim and back. 1 week (+\-) either way and a couple of days there. Ride dates require us to be at the Shriners' Convention on July 1st 2007.

    Enclosed is my trip route so far.

    Please help a guy get "lost" and have fun making the trek! Yes, I/we might be making use of "The Tent Space List" but that has not yet been determined.
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    If your cross from NH you'll have to cut through Quebec. I don't know Quebec that well but if your head for Michigan or Wisconsin I'd beeline for Ottawa and check it out. Its a cool city lots of stuff to see and do. The War museum was just redone, very nice. Riding you can grab the 417 and head west to Arnpior and then either stay on the 17 and it will take you North around APP(Algonquin Provincal Park) or turn off near Renfrew and get on the 60 which will take you through APP. thats a really nice route especially in the fall. Watch your gas most station close earily. the 60 will bring you out at Huntsville, a nice little town. Theres lots of lakes and curvy roads around there. from there you can head North on the 11 to North Bay or make your way down and over to Parry Sound. There is a number of way to get there if you zigzag the back road they are normally well paved and moe terrian following(up,down and around). From Parry sound head North on the 69 to Sudbury which will link you up with the 17. The 17 will take you all the way to Soo and the US border. If you head North from Huntsville on the 11 it will hook you up with the 17 as well. Theres major construction South of North Bay. I Don't know if this helps most if it is on the map.